What Is Your Dream Tattoo?

I’m going to be a covered canvas once I’m old enough. I’ve got quite a few ideas so far.

  1. Gecko (Front Left Shoulder)
  2. Eyeball (Around the belly button, using belly button for a pupil)
  3. A section of my right arm where it looks like the skin has been peeled away, revealing circuitry.
  4. 50/50 X (in black, about 5 inches above my right ass cheek) (50/50 x is just a little tag of mine. It’s copyrighted)
  5. Panda (tiny, on the nape of my neck)

Gimme your list of Tattoo possiblities. Now!

I meant 50/50 x is NOT copyrighted, but if someone does try and do that, could you notify me? I don’t mind someone taking it, but I’d like some creative input.

If I were to get a tatoo, I would get a red 2x4 LEGO brick. I can’t think of where I would want it, though.

The Sanskrit phrase “tat tvam asi” in Devanagari, across the base of my neck.

tat tvam asi–thou art that

Zoso- upper left arm

I have three tattoos I want.

  • A black and white barcode on my left wrist with the numbers spelling something [I dunno what yet]
  • A symbol which means contradiction, on my left arm up the top [also black and white]
  • Something on my hip…I dunno what yet, it’ll come to me

A tatoo of a ruler on my penis (skewed, of course, to make it look longer). :smiley:

What is zoso? Sounds like the town from FF3. Good music in that town…

Yellow smiley face. On the end of my nose. Been talking about it for years (never would do it, but I do talk about it a lot!!)

This is really easy. I have been contemplating these for years, but I can’t get over the idea that if I was really serious, I would have gotten them by now.

[li]Two large eyes, one on either pec. They would be of a mostly black outline, but have a deep green iris, like a dragon’s eyes.[/li]
Four bands, in the shape of heacy metal fetters. One on each bicep, on each wrist.

Two Kanji characters, one on the back of each forearm, just below the elbow. One would mean retribution, the other fate (or destiny).

A mayan calendar stone, on the shoulder. Left or right, no matter.

A tribal representation of a scorpion, with three stars of different sizes near the stinger. This would be on the shoulder that the calendar stone is not on.

A Chinese dragon snaking it’s way across my upper back. Five fingers and all that. Cool. But this would be only in black, not in color.

Who knows? I may do a couple of them yet. So far, the calendar stone and/or the Kanji sounds most appealing to me.

Decisions, decisions…

I have one already above my left ankle, but I’ve been dying to get one on my wrist-- either around the wrist entirely, or a single symbol (like the triangular Celtic knot).

I’m all for getting a goat on the back of my right shoulder. In fact as soon as I hit 18 (two more months) I’m going to get really stoned, get a friend, and go do it. Now all I need to find is a really good picture of a goat.

The Om Madonna has painted in henna on her hand in the video for Frozen. On my right shoulder.

Here is a tip: I don’t know where you live, but where I’m from, no reputable tattoo parlor will serve you if you are less than sober.
In other words, any artist who would serve me while I was stoned, is not an artist I would choose to make permanent marks on me.

If I ever get a tattoo, it would be a dragon on my right shoulder and/or upper arm. However, I probably will never get one, because I have a needle phobia.

Well, everyone knows mine…

Opal, you made my day. An image of you with a smiley face on the end of your nose…hehe.

Raistlin fighting Takhisis (sp) on my back with a little Kender on my ankle.

As a wise man once said, “I want a tattoo of a butt with a butt-shaped tattoo on it… on my butt.”

LOL. It actually does have musical conotations!
I should have added Zoso ‘symbol’. It was Jimmy Pages symbol from Led Zeppelin 4. I have had the nickname since high school, am a guitarist, and love Led Zep.

If I didn’t want to be a respectable member of society :wink: I would have so many tattoos!

  1. phases of the moon around my bicep
  2. my zodiac symbol (aries) between my shoulder blades, along with the constellation
  3. some sort of tribal thing across my lower back
  4. dolphins around my navel
  5. daisy chain around my big toe