What Is Your Dream Tattoo?

you got it… we’ll get it when you come out
as for me? my dream tattoo? hmmmm. I don’t really have one… There’s a bunch of tattoo’s I want, but I can live without them. The only one that can easily be described,as most of them are original drawings from me, is a miro tattoo. yep.

How are they going to get all those people on such a small space? :slight_smile:

Mine is a cherry sunburst Les Paul (the tiger-stripe finish) on my right shoulder.

The symbol of the Rebel Alliance, as seen on the helmets of the X-Wing fighters in the clamactic battle sequence in Star Wars. Sort-of a three-quarter circle with an arrow pointing out of it. Sort of.

On my left bicep.

One I’ve been contemplating for a while now:

“Carpe Diem” spelled out in a triangular patter on my lower back, near where my bikini bottom starts. “Carpe” would be on top with “Diem” underneath, in some kind of airbrush looking color, with an oriental-style font.

I cna’t make up my mind whether to have DUDE or SWEET across my shoulder blades.

A pair of dragons facing each other, one on each shoulderblade, and a third dragon facing backwards in the center of my back.

A pair of lip prints with Milton Friedman’s autograph under it.

Left buttock.

Already have mine.

Celtic cross, left shoulder blade. If I got another one, I’d probably get something around my ankle.

“Please see other side” on my butt.

For years I’ve been threatening to do this:

Shave my pubic hair, get a snake tattooed inside the hairline, so when the hair grows back …

I’m still working up the courage to get this done (and I’m waiting until I’m done paying off my car, too) but I’m going to get a phrase tatooed across my right shoulder blade. I came to the conclusion that a phrase that had some significant meaning would be best since it’s original and more importantly, words are the most important thing to me because of my love for reading and writing.

I’ve got it narrowed down to about five phrases. I’ll post when I finally decide which one and get it done.

Le Petit Prince at the base of my spine.

I have a tattoo of Euler’s formula on my left arm. I used a typesetting program to print out a decent-sized copy of it and the tat shop used a special copier to make a stencil out of it.

Oh, what’s Euler’s formula, you ask?

.i pi
e + 1 = 0
The most beautiful formula in mathematics, as any real mathematician will agree.

there is this drawing of a vert sweet looking cartoon turkey on a sheet i got from a class. my teacher couldnt think of the exact name in english, but it is some kind of edible bird. i want that bird on the inside of my wrist, with the words ‘an edible bird’ in nice script beneath it.

a climbing poison dart frog, green and orange, inside of wrist

a good phrase written on the outside of my forearm, where the muscles kind of seperate out when you flex (not sure what phrase yet)

the cheshire cat’s grin at the nape of my neck

an arrow in the small of my neck pointing down and the words “deliveries accepted in rear”

a small muppet head and a small dr. seuss-related head, in the space behind and lower of my ears (there is another one i need to perfect the triad of my childhood, but i am forgetting what it is right now. that one would go at the nape of my neck)

a map of africa with all the countries drawn in, in all different colors, with dark shading of the borders that fades in as you go towards the center of the country

so here i am with all these great ideas and no money for tatoos. guess i’ll have to start sleeping with a tattoo artist. anybody know any?

The symbols for


on my shoulder blade.

Edinburgh Tattoo.

I’d probably go with my kid’s names if I was going to get some. Mundane? maybe. Important to me? You betcha!!

Gotta work on the positive self image thing first though…