What is your favorite kind of Ginger Beer?

Inspired by the slight hijack in this thread at Cafe Society. For me, there is nothing like a nice icey bottle of Ginger Beer. The best is a balanced blend of smoothness, spicyness, and heat. Yes, there is a difference between spice and heat in a good bottle. For years my favorite was Cock and Bull Ginger Beer, but to my dismay it was discontinued a few years ago.

On to the important queston: What is YOUR favorite kind of Ginger beer?

Bundaberg ginger beer is my all time favourite beverage of any kind. Now that they make a diet version I am guzzling heaps of it. I recently discovered V8 Apple, Carrot and Ginger juice which is a new favourite.

Bundaberg is good. Reed’s is better. But both need to be kicked up a notch.


You mean this Cock and Bull Ginger Beer?

I happen to like Blenheim’s red cap ginger ale; it makes great Moscow Mules.

I hanker after Bundaberg, but I like the Schweppes version which is cheaper and sold in larger quantities in the supermarkets here.

There’s another Aussie one called Old Style Ginger Beer, made by Bickford’s. Hard to get here in NZ outside of Star Marts, but very nice. I rate it higher than Bundaberg for personal preference, I think.

I must second Blenheim. It does not have much body, but it does have a powerful kick. I use it for mixing with OJ or other fruit juices. Really spices up a good drink.

Must get out and pick up a case or two.

I’ve always wondered if Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer are the same thing? I’ll second the Reeds. That, with a nice splash of Bushmills 10yr old makes for one hell of a wasteful and tasty highball.

Stewart’s is pretty good, too. Very gingery…

Reeds Extra.

Their Original is okay if there isn’t any Extra.

The Raspberry is nice if you want a little variety, but since I started this damn diet, I only have ginger beer as an occasional treat, so nowadays I just go straight for the Extra.

I also heartily recommend making your own. It’s a hoot!

I’ll vote for the Reed’s stronger versions as well. I love them. Gingerale and Ginger Beer are not the same thing at all. Ginger Beer should be much, much stronger while gingerale is a mild-mannered soft-drink with little kick and way less flavor than ginger beer. Gingerale can be found at any grocery store in the U.S. while Ginger Beer is more rare and often limited in selection.

Actually, I’ve been finding more brands of ginger beer in my grocery stores. Maybe I just go to better grocery stores? Anyway, I used to drink Stewart’s, but stopped when I lost weight. I’m so thrilled that someone mentioned upthread that someone actually makes a diet ginger beer - and it sounds like a good brand! Yay!


Have to say I like Stewarts and Reeds. I’ve tried the brew made by The Ginger People, but was disappointed–too weak. I love their Ginger Chews, though.

Nothing hits the spot like a Dark and Stormy (ginger beer, rum (I prefer dark), and a squeeze of lime).

As a side note, Reeds is currently advertising that they plan to go public.

I prefer Maryann beer.

A friend of mine prefers Goya, but I haven’t had a chance to try it.

Canada Dry: Pedestrian
Schwepps: About the same as Canada Dry
Old Tyme: My first decent ginger beer, so I’ll always remember it. Pretty good.
Bundaberg: Good ginger taste, a brewed ginger beer. Just a tad too sweet for me.
Stewarts: Strong, a bit too sweet also. Fair ginger flavor tho.
Sioux city: Also a little sweeter than I like it, but a nice after-burn.
Fentiman’s: Another brewed ginger beer. Quite nice, but too much sugar also.
Reeds ginger brew: A bit tame, not enough ginger. Not too sweet tho, which is good.
Reeds Extra-ginger ginger brew: My favorite so far! Very gingery, sweetened with pineapple in addition to other sweeteners. Not too sweet!
Ginger people: A good brew, treacly after-taste tho.
Ginger people Lemon-Ginger: Nice! Enhances the ginger flavor, cuts the sweetness factor.
Cock 'n Bull: The bottles I had were flat. So I couldn’t really say.

And an honorary mention to Vernor’s ginger ale. It’s not quite ginger beer, it’s a lot more than ginger ale, and it’s good!

This ginger beer sounds delicious. Now if I can only find some in West Texas.

A quick run to Bevmo, and I now have bottles cooling for enjoyment. I bought: Pangleheimers Sparkling Hot Gingerale, AJ Stephan’s Jamaican-style Ginger Beer, Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale, a 4-pack of Reed’s, and a couple of bottles of Vernor’s. I an hour or so, I’ll report on the first…the Stephan’s, I think.

Ex-cellent! An on line taste-testing!

First bottle: AJ Stephans. Made in Boston. Motto: “Pure Sugar & Pure Water.” And they have a web site.

OK initial nose. Not too sweet. Clean middle, right down the center of the tongue. Niiiice burn in the back of the throat. There’s some ginger in this one. Needs a bit more development in the middle, but not bad at all.