What is your favorite Tradeskill in World of Warcraft?

Mining- Yep, believe it or not, but mining is my favorite tradeskill. It is kind of like treasure hunting. I haven’t had a problem fighting over mineral veins; even though I am on a high-population server there are still plenty of mineral-rich places I’ve been that don’t have another soul in sight. I think mining is more fun than herbalism, too. It seems like you can get more minerals out of one vein than you can get herbs from a given plant (at the same levels). So while both tradeskills have the benefit of being able to ‘gather as you go’, collecting resources as you are completing quests and killing monsters, mining seems more productive. Additionally, you get skill points both for mining ore AND for smelting it. This means that you can build up quite a lot of skill points early on. Mining/smelting copper turned gray (meaning I can’t build any more skill points because of my mining level) really fast for me, because my dwarf paladin was finding copper nodes all over the place. I can make pretty good money auctioning off the metal. I am kind of in a rut right now, because I need to mine better metals, but they are in higher level places that I either don’t visit frequently (due to questing elsewhere) or have dangerous enemies. Mining copper is still worth it, though, because I find gems every now and then, and can use the copper bars for other things. When I was able to make bronze (by smelting copper and tin) I thought I found a huge cash cow in auctioning, because people were giving me quite a lot of money (to me) for bronze bars. Now I’m thinking I might be better off saving it, because I’ll probably suddenly transition from smithing copper to bronze and then not have enough of the stuff to make anything right away :stuck_out_tongue:

Between the betas and live, I’ve tried mining/smelting, leatherworking/skinning, and herbalism/alchemy. Of the three, I like herbalism/alchemy the best. I like running around picking flowers, and I like being able to throw together a potion wherever I am as opposed to finding a forge. Leatherworking can be done anywhere as well, but I didn’t like skinning animals so much.

Weird how it’s all just essentially the same thing - skinning, mining, and herbalism all are really just “find item x, click on it” but for some reason, herbalism seems more fun.

I guess I’m just a girl, flowers and all.

Heh, it always seems like I find tons and tons of herbs growing everywhere when I’m trying to find minerals. I’m sure it is the other way around for herbalists.

Alchemists can trasmute things later on which is incredibly cool, but aside from that the problem I have with potions is that they don’t stack with the same kind of buff, i.e. a buff that gives you +2 intellect can’t be combined with a potion that gives you +2 intellect. Also, the potions themselves can’t seem to stack. Which is a drag- Alchemists would get a lot more love if potions were more useful.

For ease of advancement, at least in the early game, I’d have to say skinning. I mean, heck, you’re ALWAYS killin’ stuff you can skin. You don’t even have to kill the critter yourself- quite often, I’ve had skinners follow me around, waiting for me to loot the mob so they can have the skin. (Annoying, yes, but sometimes they give me great stuff in exchange.)

For just sheer fun in creating stuff, I’d have to say engineering. I mean, come on- exploding robotic sheep? How cool is that? Although it IS annoying how hit-and-miss the activation is on the higher-level engineered items.

It’s also a lot of fun being a rogue miner. Stealth to get to the hard-to-reach veins, and if someone else sees the vein at the same time as you, hit the “sprint” button and beat 'em to it!

Server- Shadowsong
Gnomish rogue miner/engineer, named “Wonky”

“If it works at all, it’s Wonky!” ™

I have 5 alts, one for more or less each pair of tradeskills…

miner/blacksmith, miner/engineer
Mining is cool, sometimes you get a gem…WHEE=)
downside - engineered goodies frequently can only be used by engineers [though ezthrow dynamite can be used by everybody=)] so pally miner/engineer is good because it gives you a distance weapon…but frequently it means you pull 2 instead of the whole camp because bombs/dynamite are ae weapons=(

Enchanting has great possibilities at the high levels, but unless you have a crafter feeding them uncommon or better items, they are eternally broke because you have to disenchant the very drops that most people sell to make money.
Tailor is good because everybody at the low levels need bags, and they can make some interesting goodies for caster-types at higher levels. Cloth is fairly readily available as mob drops=)

Good profession from the start for making money - armor kits sell to vendrs dependably, and most people just loot and run leaving you with free skins=) Also, some decent armor can be made up around the 180+ levels. mrAru made me some killer gloves 10 levels ago that I am still wearing=)


I adore this pairing…there are plants everywhere, and as a druid I can sneak to where they are and have a decent chance of looting them out from under mob noses=) Drawback to herbalism is you really need to have a bank mule to hold stacks of herbs…because of the normal stuff you have to store from quests you are working on that are in temporary hiatus.

Alchemy is just the greatest. Unfortunately the potions only stack to 5=( but realistically the only thing you have to buy is vials=) I regularly have 4 stacks of mana potions [as a druid, I got mana, I can heal anything…] and boosters for armor, health and brains. I supply mrAru with healing potions [he is a hunter] and regen for my hunting partner [paladin, combo health and mana potions=)] for when he is solo. I make the ‘big guns’ for selling in auction - protection from shadow magic, fire caster boost, water breathing, water walking …

Taking notes.

I’m also into the Herbalism/Alchemy, but that’s because my brother is doing Mining/Blacksmithing, so he gives me all the stuff that I’d use for my paladin, anyway.

I’ve noticed that one tends to find more herbs than veins, anyway. And the potions are extremely useful… not only are the buffs you acquire often enough to turn the tide of a battle, but you’re never low on health potions, and health potions tend to sell for a shitload at the auction house. Everybody can use them, whereas not everyone can use that handy Mail suit you’ve just crafted.

The other nice thing about Herbalism is that a lot of times, plants regrow in the same places. For instance, in Westfall, there are always Bruiseweed plants growing behind several of the farm houses.

I also like how different plants have different environments. Silverleaf almost always grows next to a tree, Peacebloom is always more in the open, Earthroot is usually found on the edge of a small hillock…

On my current character (Gwendolynne, 34 undead priest) I started out skinning and mining but switched around level 33 to herbalism/alchemy. My boyfriend has mining/blacksmithing, his brother has mining/engineering, my sister has skinning/leatherworking, and our friend has herbalism/alchemy like me.

I chose alchemy because it looked like there would be consistent demand for potions as characters levelled up. And even if nobody bought my potions I could still distribute them among our group to give us the edge in PVP battle.

Skinning/leatherworking, without a doubt.

I can’t cannibalize, being a troll. So what is better than flaying your prey and making pretty boots and shoulderpads out of the tattered flesh?

Crush your enemies, see them flayed before you, and hear the envious lamentations of other women! :slight_smile: