Anyone playing World of Warcraft?

Well, the NDA has officially lifted and the Beta for the game has started. I thought I’d start a thread and see if anyone was playing and what you think of the game. I’ve been in the alpha since the first push, though I don’t have the time to really play these things like I used to when I was young. That said, I think the game is just great. Unbelievable graphics and probably the tightest code I’ve ever seen in an alpha.

So, anyone want to discuss the game, ask any questions, whatever…here’s the thread for it. I never really go much to the alpha/beta forums…I find the 12 y/o kids in there annoying. :slight_smile:


I’ve heard good things about it.
Can you give a brief summary how it works as compared to other MMORPGs?
(especially Everquest, since that is what I’m most familiar with)



Sure. As far as how it compares to EQ, I think this game is a lot more fun to play (even in its alpha stage). Basically the game revolves around quests. Quests are intergral to the game, not just an add on bolted on. The level grind, at least to 30 (which is the current limit) is much easier. I have to admit, it was pretty rare that I was out camping mobs just to kill to make level. Mostly you simply do the quests, which are the major form of exps in the game, and this gives you some fairly cool items too. Also, you get to see what items you are going for in each quests before you do them…and in many cases you get a choice of items when you complete the quest.

The trade skills are also a pleasure to play. Again, its not a grind like in EQ or DaoC…its actually similar to the old UO tradeskills. For mining, you basically have a "find minerals’ key which will pop up an aproximate location on a mini-map of a resource (copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, etc in this case). When you get to a resource, you simply mine it (if you have a pick and mining skill…something you have to buy in the case of the pick, and something you have to train in at a mining trainer in the later). After you have the raw material, you can take it to a forge and turn it into bars which can be used in other tradeskills (like Engineering, Weapons Crafting, Armor Crafting, etc) or sell it to players with those skills. There are all kinds of trade skills from Fishing to Herbalism and Alchemy, to Enchanting. And they are a blast to play. The Engineering for example lets you make everything from shot for the guns (some of the classes can use old fashioned blunderbuss type muskets) to TnT and other explosives, to googles that allow you to do all kinds of stuff.

The game is really easy to play…there really isn’t a large learning curve, if you’ve played similar games before. The graphics are simply stunning. One of the coolest things is the transport between cities. Imagine flying over rugged mountains or valleys on top of a gryphon…in real time so that you can look down and see other players running about or fighting as you fly by. The cities, the terrain…its all just unreal. You can swim underwater and visit a ship wreck for instance.

Finally, one of the really cool things is that the user interface (UI) is completely customizable (if you are a programmer type). There are several stock UI’s currently available (I use the EverythingScript currently as I have no time or desire to program) which allow you to automate almost any feature in the game. The script I use lets me autoloot mobs, automatically search for herbs, autobuff my characters that have buffs, and integrate quests with other players in my party. Also when I refine ore (on my mining character) or make several potions (on my alchemist) it allows me to simply set the number of whatever I want to make and then makes them automatically, as opposed to me having to click say 20 times to refine 20 copper ore into 20 bars of copper or make 20 heal potions.

This is really just a thumbnail sketch of the game in its current state. Lets see, the current races are Orc, Human, Tauren (a large minataur type creature), Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf, and Undead. The current classes are Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Priest, Rogue, Mage and Warlock. All the races have some cool homelands (except the Gnome which shares with the Dwarf) and all are really cool looking. All the races are a blast to play…I’m anticipating the addition of the Hunter soon which also looks cool. In addition, as the Beta goes along they are going to add Realm vs Realm fighting between the Horde and the Alliance, I assume somewhat like DaoC.

If anyone has any other questions or comments let me know.


Two of my housemates work for Blizzard, so once my finals are over and I have time to play, I’m gettin’ hooked up.

I have watched them play the alpha, and it does indeed look pretty awesome. Then again, I haven’t played a MMORPG since the very early days of EverQuest, before any expansions, when my brother let me play on his account.

My main concern is that, given the lag, hacking, and connection problems as a whole has had, I’m not so sure Blizzard isn’t biting off more than it can chew, taking on a MMORPG. Well, that and I was hoping they were gonna make a MMORPG in the Diablo series, since the end of Lord of Destruction left the storyline wide open for one, but th’ain’t no way they can support two at once.

Well, it doesn’t really use Battlenet at all, so I doubt there will be as many hacking issues. Remember that Battlenet was used for standalone games that could also be played accross the Internet (i.e. Like Diablo)…this is a MMORPG with no stand alone at all. Much more difficult to hack. As to the lag…I have to admit I haven’t seen any at all. But then I have a cable modem connection. So far the game has played great for me even in its alpha incarnation (and now beta) with no real lag and a very stable platform.

I too would have loved them to make an MMORPG based on Diablo/Diablo II…but I have to admit the world they did make is awesome. I just wish I had more time to play it.


So WoW is going to have its own dedicated hardware system? That’s good. Lately, Diablo II has been almost unplayable because of all the lag on B-Net (I’m talking framerates around 6-9, and almost constant 300+ pings), and I’ve been saying that Blizzard had better do something to fix that if they expect me to buy WoW. Even so, I’ve really been looking forward to WoW.

From what I understand, talking to the Blizzard guys in the alpha, its got its own dedicated hardware and comm lines separate from Battlenet. I’ve seen no lag so far, and there have been up to a thousand on at a time. In addition, this thousand is all in the same area, as in the alpha they decided to do one race at a time, initially at least. So, EVERYONE in the alpha was a dwarf say, or a human, etc for a few weeks. Then they would bring in a new race/class to test. So we were all pretty much on top of each other. I’ve noticed that in the beta you don’t have the same mass of folks all competing in the same areas of the world. When the game ships retail it will be even better IMO. The code in the alpha is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve played all the major MMORPGs out there, and was in either the alpha or beta of most of them…and this game really is a cut above IMO.


Can you detail some sample quests?
How is PvP done?

(mostly just curious, not likely to play)

There isn’t any PvP in the game yet. I assume it will be something like the RvR in DaoC, but they haven’t really talked about it much yet. It will probably go in some time towards the end of Beta if I were to guess.

The quests…well, there are all kinds. There are carry quests, and go meet someone quests, as well as kill this monster or this leader, etc. Lots of explore type quests (explore this mine and find out X). There are some fairly intricate quests in the game and they all play into the story line. Obviously as you get up in level the quests get more specific to the story (if you played the Warcraft games you kind of know the story already) and more difficult, requiring groups of people to actually do them. So far the hardest quest I’ve been on required maybe 4 people to do them in a group. But they have a current level cap of 30 in the game.

These kinds of games aren’t for everyone, no doubt. My dad (who’s SDMB account this is…I’m borrowing it) hates them and can’t figure out why I play them. But I love the interaction of so many people from all over the world, as well as the shear scope of the games.


I’m playing. I was not in the Alpha, and just got into the Beta this weekend. It’s… very cool. On the one hand, I do need to admit that it’s simply another leveling treadmill. Then again, it’s a really fun, engaging, easy-to-play and great-looking leveling treadmill.

Fighting is (fairly) easy, tradeskills are easy to find and use, and there are a very large number of options – enough so that, once past the first few levels, you’ll start seeing very different characters.

Unlike Diablo II, where there were/are a small number of “best” character builds, I think that WoW offers a wide variety of viable options.

I’ve spent most of my time (about 12 hours so far) on a Night Elf rogue (stealing Dangerosa’s name for a character again). Just got to Lvl 10, so as soon as I get back to a trainer I’ll be learning to dual-wield daggers. I’ve also picked up four tradeskills: First Aid (lets me turn scraps of linen into bandages), Herbalism (find and retrieve herbs), Alchemy (turn herbs into potions) and Enchanting (turn herbs into temporary or permanent item bonuses).

You can also learn to skin creatures and work leather, to make food, to mine, to smith weapons and armor… it’s pretty amazing. I get the feeling that players are going to be large parts of the economy.

I am looking forward to the scriptability as well… although, as I said in another post, I am planning to play City of Heroes and will not have time for two games. So I probably will lay WoW aside (although with regret), at least for a while.

Well, glad to see someone here is on board, Brainiac4. :slight_smile: If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend getting the EverythingScript v1.3 and downloading it. Its great for tradeskills and to do repetative tasks.

I also have a rogue (Dyth)…I think they are one of the most fun classes in the game so far. I love sneaking around and then backstabbing mobs…especially after I pick their pockets first. :slight_smile: I’ve only gotten mine up to 18th…I’m trying to play all the different classes to help them test and to discover what is the most fun to play. I’m also looking forward to when the hunter and druid come out…probably in the next couple of weeks.

I think you’ll really enjoy the game as you go up in levels. I don’t know anything about City of Hero’s…is it a new MMORPG thats out or coming out soon?


I wish I was in the beta…
Anyways, are trolls unlocked in the beta? They are the race I plan on playing most… So any info on them would be appreciated.

Also xtisme: Would you say WoW will be better than its competitors? (DAoC, EQ, etc.) If so/not, what elements of each are better?

From whence might I download this script of which you speak? Make with the URL, please. :slight_smile:

Yep. You get to play a superhero. Looks excellent – graphics quality on par with or better than WoW, if you can believe it.

What’s the downtime situation like? Do you have to spend 20 minutes sitting around healing after a fight like EQ?

Also, how’s the solo play? Does it force you to group at higher levels (again, like EQ)?

And my biggest question, how do I get them to let me into the beta! :slight_smile:

Not sure whats up with the board today. Keeps trying to get me to register or something. My dad is out of town though so it will be up to him to do that, whatever it is. Hopefully this post will go in.

Well, not sure if the URL will work right for you as you have to log into the beta web site to get to it. But here it is. If you can’t get to it directly from the link, just log into, put in your user name and password (from the game), click on World of Warcraft Forums, and select the Interface Customization forum. What you are looking for is the EScript v1.3 (everything script) with the Quest Share add on. If nothing else, as a rogue, turn /autoloot on…it makes a world of difference when picking the pockets of some hapless mob to have the loot automatically taken out, freeing you up for that playful backstab right afterward. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done anything with the UI’s yet, you need to create a folder called interface in your WoW directory and basically unzip the file there. If you have any problems let me know…I’ll be here (if this account is still active on SDMB).

There is almost no down time in the game, BeerDog. Basically for health you eat food to recover it…thats why cooking can be such a great thing. There are various foods that give variable levels of restored health. The early foods can do (for example) 98 hps of recovery over 20 seconds. Better foods up that number (I’ve seen foods up to 1000 hp over 20 sec so far). And you don’t HAVE to be a cook to get it…you can buy food too and even find it on mobs. Same goes for mana…you drink different things (from ale, beer, to ice cold milk :)) that recovers it similarly. And you can make this stuff as well. Finally, there are spells and then there is alchemy…potions and stuff. I usually only use potions in combat myself, as you have a ‘cool down’ period after using one of 4 min. But they are great for Warriors and rogues (and really anyone else) to use as during a battle to keep you going.

Well, I can’t speak to anything above level 30, as that hasn’t been enabled yet, but you don’t have to group if you don’t want too. However, it will be slower going if you do it this way. Also, unlike EQ or DaoC this game doesn’t seem to be quite the time sink that they are. As it revolves around quests, you can basically log in and work on a quest, maybe complete it, maybe not, and then log back out. Higher level people (say in a guild or friends of yours) can help you to complete quests also. In fact, a friend of mine just got into beta and I’ve been running around with my level 18 rogue helping him do his quests. He shot up to level 13 already, just since beta…and its taken him maybe 5 hours total.

As to that, I don’t know. Your first step (unless you know someone from Blizzard of course) is to contact them and say you want to do the beta. It might be too late by now, but if not, I know for a fact they are planning on expanding the beta as it goes along, adding more folks to stress test the hardware. You could probably find somewhere to send an email too on their website.

If you are an EQ fan (or DaoC) then I think this is definitely a game to give a shot too. They have taken a lot of the drudgery of leveling treadmills out of the game, as well as put in a bunch of neat features (like the mapping and mini-maps, as well as automated UI’s that are customizable)…and the graphics are first rate (though in the Warcraft style…definitely different).


Thanks for the info!

I put in an application for the beta test when they first started taking them, I guess they just didn’t want me… sniff. :frowning:

Hopefully I will get picked later in the beta cycle, I would really like to give this game a try!

Have they given a release date for the game yet or is it still up in the air? Seeing as most of these types of games are pushed out way too early, I wouldn’t mind them giving it a good long time in beta before they go live. Especially if they let me into the aforementioned super long beta! :smiley:

P.S They just added the code for the paid subsriptions for the board this morning, that’s why it’s asking you to register when you post. There is a grace period until April so your Dad has plenty of time to get registered.

Missed this:

Yes, trolls were unlocked at the sametime as Taurens were in the Alpha. They are currently not in the Beta, but thats just because they are doing Alliance/Horde separately atm. They will be re-unlocked (with Taurens, Orcs and Undead) in the coming months from what I understand. WHich is cool because I have a really cool Tauren Warrior which is a blast to play. I was a bit cold on the Undead, but the Orcs and Trolls are really cool looking too.

Well, I’ve played nearly every MMORPG thats shipped to date. I was also in the UO alpha/beta, EQ beta I II and III, AC beta and DaoC beta II and III. This game by far outstrips any of them from an alpha/beta perspective. Its much more fleshed out already, much tighter code, a lot more stable and there simply aren’t any lag issues (so far).

As for if its ‘better’…well, thats really subjective. I find it a hell of a lot more fun from a playability perspective than EQ was, especially in the early levels. Its a lot less of a grind, as I really am interested in doing the quests. Hell, a lot of times I don’t even notice my bar moving and I level and it comes as a complete surprise. Same goes with DaoC. Don’t get me wrong, I loved both games, and still have an inactive DaoC account that I periodically re-activate to play some RvR with my old guild (RvR is where its at in DaoC). I think that WoW has all the best elements of UO without any of the drawbacks…its a really free and open system. It has all the best elements of AC also (another game I really liked but one that didn’t really take off) without any of the downsides. And it has all the best elements of DaoC and EQ too. It builds on all of them, but is unique in itself.

Take death for instance. When you die in EQ or AC you lose exps…AND you lose items too if you don’t return to your body. In DaoC you lose exps, and a lot of them. In UO you lose items, mostly perminently as some dread lord either wacked you or will loot you if they find your body. In WoW though you have a choice. You can take an exp hit by being resurrected by a spirt master (located at a bind stone) OR you can travel back to your body as a ghost and resurrect there directly…with no loss at all. So, its your choice to take an exp hit or not. I think this is WAY cool…hell, I love it! Best system I’ve seen so far. And there are lots of little things like that in the game that just make it…well, fun.


If you have already put your name in, you are practically assured of getting in at some point. As I said, I have friends at Blizzard and they tell me that nearly all the beta people on the list will be asked at some point. They want to make sure everything is tested out before they ship it off. Its how Blizzard works…one of the finest games makers out there IMO.

No release date yet. I’d say they are probably going to go for a release sometime in late fall or early winter if things move on like they have been. Blizzard really tests stuff out though…if you’ve ever played one of their games you know how they are about shipping products that are really tight. That said though, this game IS really tight now. They could have seriously shipped it in alpha and it would have been better than most of the other MMORPGs were when they shipped…hell, it would have been better than some of them a few months after they shipped. But they are really taking the time to do it right, and I expect this product to shine when it goes out the door.

Thanks, I’ll let him know…he’s out of the country on business atm so can’t really get on himself. He loves this board, though he stays pretty much in GD. I use it to lurk in CS as this is the most interesting part for me. This is really only the second time I’ve actually posted anything under his name. I think that I’ll get myself an ID though to avoid confusion (as I’m a Jr my dad and I have the same name).


This is the first MMORPG I’ve been remotely interested in. Why? Because it’s Blizzard, of course, and everything they touch turns to kickass.

Hopefully I’ll get into the Beta; hopefully it’ll run smoothly over dialup.


With a quest-based system, what do you do after you’ve finished all of the quests? just run around and kill random monsters, or will they be adding new quests continuously?