What is your go-to comfort album?

You can keep all your boogie-woogie rock and roll jibber jabber. When you’re in a deep contemplative mood, Chopin is your go-to comfort guy:

Erykah Badu - Baduizm

Although it’s the darkest of dark albums, I find the Minus 5’s self-titled album to be oddly comforting, including the deeply depressing yet relaxing “Cemetery Row”, whose lyrics at one point seem to be referencing the Straight Dope:

Everybody knows
this old house is cold and crowded with half-wits

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Between Here and Gone.

Good choice!

My comfort album in my 20’s was Joni’s Ladies of the Canyon. I don’t think I have a single favorite now.

And, given the opening provided by the quoted post, I just have to drop this here:

Dylan - Desire

Thank you. As someone said up above, there are no wrong answers to this question. That album works for me.