What is your highest level of education?

Just wondering…

Bachelor’s degree in history.

Business school diploma, but as this was just before the computer became ubiquitous, didn’t do me much good. As far as fiddling around on computers.

PhD, sociology of religion.

Formally, professional degree; Juris Doctor, summa cum laude, salutatorian.

Informally, Master’s in Disasters from tha strizzeets, baby! School O’ Hard Knocks, whut whut!

I have an unfinished business degree. I’ll go back to complete it some day, but not any time soon.

Kindergarten (I’m on my way baby!), elementary school, junior high, high school, college at Tulane, Ph.D program in behavioral neuroscience at Dartmouth that I dropped out of. Impressive I know, at least for the early programs.

Four months ago I graduated with an Associate’s degree in Network Technology.


Sorry, sorry, I just had to get that off of my chest.

Just a Bachelor’s. Would have loved to go to grad school, but couldn’t afford to do so.

Fellowship of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia

Bachelor’s degree in music composition. I’m in my first semester of a Master’s/PhD program in musicology.

Slight hijack. From what I hear, I get the impression that most or all other western countries only have universities, and not colleges. If this is true, does this mean that (in the west) only the US has two year degrees?

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Ooo, I’ve been thinking of getting into that. Currently (to answer the OP as well) I have a BA, but in Theatre (I know, I was young and foolish … ). Now, I’ve devoted a lot of my leisure study to the field of anthematology (see my site on the subject) and I feel I could do a doctorate on the subject, but probably anyone who has spent the better part of this year doing indepth research into national anthems used in a country that hasn’t existed in over 100 years (the Ottoman Empire - you’d be surprised at how hard the research was!) feels he could tackle a PhD in that. Piece of cake. I don’t think any universities offer a specific program in anthematology though (hell, there’s very few of us around that study national anthems, I had to coin the term “anthematology” since it doesn’t have a formal name!) and feel I may have to figure out how to adapt a musicology program to that. If I had the money, boy howdy would I love to do that! My current job is ending soon, and this would be a golden opportunity, but being a student don’t pay the bills …

C’mon, isn’t anybody curious why I never went for my doctorate?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but an Associate’s in Network Technology isn’t going to do much but qualify you to be a cable monkey, or if you’re lucky, the guy who supervises the cable monkeys.

BS - Computer Science
MS - Information Technology & Management

A Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, and some grad-level radio astronomy although I was never a grad student. But I wrote a very spiffy paper on space-based very long baseline interferometry anyway.

Hey, I could possibly get a job at a help desk.

We’re all too scared to ask.

Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech.