What is your idea for a reality TV show?

A dating/marriage show where one person has to pick from among a pool of beautiful, successful, and charming potential partners, but a few of them are actually his/her long-lost cousins and siblings.


Put a bunch of them in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their backs and an array of top-notch hunting and fishing equipment.

Along comes hilarity and sue.

I would like to see one based on Stephen King’s, The Long Walk. The premise of the story was that you have a group of 100 teenage boys and they must walk until it’s the last person standing. They cannot drop beneith 4 miles an hour and if they do they get a warning. There is a maximum of three warnings before they are shot, but warnings are “walked off” after one hour of maintaining the pace.

I would like to see that only with a less lethal elimination style. Perhaps a smaller group of 20-30 people. They would just keep walking until the last person won it by outwalking the other’s. The difficult part would be monitoring the speed of everyone and keeping track of the warnings.

I don’t think it would work very well with the masses, no scheming, no sexual subplots, etc, but I would love to see what would happen with the story if it were tried in reality. No death, though.

Maureen, during the first season of Survivor, my mother ranted that a real survival ordeal would be to film a family on a cross-country camping trip…and no one can be voted off.

She spoke from experience, of course.

THe REAL Survivor game. Basically people are set down in some remote location, totally cut off from civilization with the bare essentials (maybe a butter knife). They can choose to leave any time they want but get zero outside aid at all. The filming is all done remotely. If they get sick or hurt seriously, or request it, they are removed. At the end of a set period (say 6 months) anyone left splits the million dollars equally. None of this stupid voting thing.

I’d love to see that. I really enjoyed the eco-challenge and though THAT was much more interesting that Survivor because it took a lot more to accomplish.


I hate the main premise of Survivor, the idea of voting everyone off one by one. It seems to be designed to encourage a cynical, backstabbing, junior-high way of interacting, rather than the real cooperation you’d want to strive for in a real survival situation. I’ve wondered if it wouldn’t be possible to totally invert Survivor. Make it the goal to keep as many people in the group as you can, against a bunch of challenges designed to force people out.

If Anyone Objects!

2 people to be married and the preacher says "If anyone objects that these two people, should be married, speak now or forever hold your peace!.

A guys jumps up and says “Yes, I object!” Then rambles on with an incoherent speech about why.
There would be about 20 cameras getting the reaction from the bride/groom
father/mother, best man, etc.
If the guy doesn’t get tossed out of the church, the couple gets fabulous prizes.

More like Candid Camera, but still worth seeing.


From the Monty Python sketch. Follow someone and video them having an affair.
Bug the bedroom.

Then put it on TV.

Either the guy having the affair or his family could win by identifying him after showing the video.

First there was Monster Garage, then Monster House. Now comes the next logical progression: Monster Makeover!

Cutting-edge cybernetic scientists and plastic surgeons have five days to transform a lucky victim to a space-age neohuman. I envison mechanical highjumping legs, crablike pincers and steel plated exoskeletons.

Then all the contestants can fight it out at the season finale, a la Battleborgs.

Perfect! It’ll just get better with time, as your baby starts teething, and then becomes a toddler, and my two advance into teenagerhood. The eyerolling and explosive, drawn out sighing is coming close to snapping my very last nerve. I think the mental cruelty is going to be key in this game…

HA! 3 kids, 2 window seats, and a dad who won’t use a map, because of course he knows the way to everywhere! :smiley: I like the way your mom thinks.

Who’s your kin? You know the shows where people ask a show to track down their long lost siblings, or their children they gave up for adoption?

Combine three prospective pairs where the children/siblings are about the same age/race etc. Or (heh) one pair and two actors. Contestants *and * the public have to guess who’s related to whom.

It would be nice touch to make one or two of the contestants someone (Jerry-Springer-Level) you’d hate to be related to.

I have an idea. No title, though.

Take a sampling of the best animators from around the world. Lock them in a special building consisting of a sleeping area, cafeteria, bathroom, a rec room with cable TV and an assortment of other distractions, and a state-of-the-art animation studio loaded with all the makings for traditional 2D animation, 3D animation, even things like claymation. No windows and no outside contact except for the people working the cafeteria. The animators will be instructed to make a 20-minute animated short every week.

The food and water will be spiked with various drugs, mainly hallucinogens. Occaisonally, the TV in the rec room will show something like Un Chien Andalou, or the lights will start changing colors, or the folks working the cafeteria will deliberately speak in gibberish.

And the only time we actually see the animators is during the end credits.

I didn’t come up with this one myself. I actually red it on the SDMB quite a while back but I can’t remember who posted it, and it struck me as rather hilarious.

Surgery Roulette! You have a group pf men and women who all want a cetain type of cosmetic surgery - like maybe one guy wants a nose reduction and a lady wants breast implants and so on. But here’s the catch - one person will get the OPPOSITE done to them! Like they’ll get breat implants when they really wanted a breast reduction, or get a bigger nose when they wanted a smaller one.

Anyone seen The Cube? I would like a reality show like that. Simply place the all the contestants somewhere (they don’t have to start the same place). No one gets any information about what they have to do except that the winner is the first one to get out. Of course, you’d have to remove the traps.


Build or at least buy a small town in the middle of nowhere, a la “Murder in Small Town X” or “The Murder Game” as it was known in the UK. Have a dozen contestants amongst a hundred or so extras, where one contestant is the murderer. The winner is either the person who finds the killer or the killer themselves if they kill enough people that the “townspeople” flee to safety. One by one the contestants go down, and in fact at the end it would be cool if the extras left only having the contestants remaining.

The rules:

It is pretty similar to the murder games that go on around college campuses. If you are the murderer you can only murder one person daily. If you are a townsperson you can point the blame at anyone you want but too many tries and you are run out of town for causing a disturbance. None of the contestants know any of the other contestants so in fact the murderer could go through the entire series just killing extras. The town will have cameras dotted all over the places so the contestants would not know that they, specifically were being filmed. And on the last day over maybe a month or so when the town has cleared off the contestants can only have one guess at the killer and the killer can go as mad as they want. Bwahahahaha.

I shouldn’t have told you all this much. Honestly, don’t go stealing my idea. I’ll know it was you. :smiley:

Series 7 : The Contendors

I’m tired of tropical locations, so how about Survivor: Iceland? The Vikings managed to survive there. Plus they should stop giving the contestants all the amenities; make 'em really survive.

Also, they should do The Apprentice with different moguls. The Apprentice: Bill Gates, The Apprentice: Warren Buffet, The Apprentice: House of Saud, etc. Maybe even The Apprentice: Mark Burnett, which could tie in to Dryga_Yes’s brilliant meta-reality show idea.

I don’t know about this cube, but I like the idea of a reality show where the contestants are left somewhere and have to figure out what the rules of the game are.

Ok, the premise of the movie The Cube is that some people are left in a matrix of identical cubes with “doors” in all 6 directions. No one knows why they are there, and the rooms are filled with traps.

What I think would be important of the reality show is that the contestants should at no point have any contact with other people. There really won’t be any rules, just facts about the place they are in that they have to figure out.

Quoth xtisme:

That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. The current Survivor show is just a glorified summer camp, except that the people are less mature and the food is better. Inspired by Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky, though, I think I’d let the contestants bring any amount of gear they can carry on their own person. Oh, and they wouldn’t know what climate they’re being dumped into until they’re there, either.

Also, any person who manages on his own (i.e., not by crying “uncle”) to get back to civilization also wins a prize.

Oh, I know, it’s called Death or Billionaire in which they get bums off of the street and bring them into a studio with two doors… behind one is a billion dollars and behind the other one is certain death…

behind the death door people can vote online as to how the bum would die… like there would be a big tiger behind it that hasn’t been fed in a week or perhaps someone with a chainsaw?