What is your IMPERSONATION du jour?

I’m starting this thread because I thought that in
this thread they were talking about impersonations rather than inspirations.

So who are you really good at impersonating?

My list is as follows:

  1. Jimmy Stewart
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. The Church Lady (From SNL)

I do Eric Cartman and Beaky Buzzard like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m fairly talented at impersonations when I take the time to learn them, but I’ll never be Rich Little.

Peter North.


Body Doubles don’t count!

I can do a good Richard “I am not a crook” Nixson.

Also, Starscream from the Transformers: OS.

And Cobra Commander. His voice was basically the same as Starscream’s.

Sean Connery
William Shatner (a dangerous combination with The Complete Shakespeare, let me tell you…)
Arnold Schwarzenegger - but only from Conan the Barbarian. With the exception of one line from True Lies ("Da bridge iss OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWT!!!)

I can do Zorak (from Space Ghost), Little Nicky, and Beetlejuice.

I do frighteningly good impersonations of Jean Harlow, Lyda Roberti, Kate Smith, Katharine Hepburn. Only the latter is readily appreciated.

Every so often, a friend will see a Jean Harlow or Lyda Roberti movie on the teevee, and I’ll get a call: “Wow, you really DO do a great impersonation of her!”

—Eve (who does a damn good Ida McKinley, too)

I can get my wife laughing hysterically when I do my impersonation of Beavis (from Beavis and Butthead) impersonating Emril from the food network.

BAM!..hehhehheh…BAM!..hehheh, that’s cool…BAM!BAM!..heh yeah, kick it up a notch…BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!

I’m told my Sean Connery ish pashable ash well. My niecshe ashksh me to demonshtrate it often.

Mostly I do generic accents: Irish (town and country), English (several variations, but my best is Liverpool–I can’t get the slang down for Cockney), Aussie, Chinese, Indian…

Funnily enough I pull the Eddie Izzard impression of pretty well. Mind you, I seem to do it all the time, tho, so is that an impression or is it just being like him (apart from the cross dressing tho, I must add!)?

I can do pretty much any Simpsons character, but my best are Ralph Wiggum, the Comic Book Guy, and Monty Burns.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I can do Monty Burns pretty good as well as Smithers. Often times I’ll do the both of them having a conversation. It cracks people up.

Rodney Dangerfield
Jimmy Stewart
Humphrey Bogart
Richard Nixon
Bill Clinton

Stimpy the Cat is the only one that I do well - to bad that he seems to have receded from pop culture. Al Pacino’s Scarface (Caracicatriz) is my favorite one to try to do.

Hmmm, I can do a few…

Bobcat Goldwaith (sp?)(This one usually ends up sending everyone into gales of laughter, esp when I do it in a public place)
Ross Perot
George H. Bush
Jimmy Stewart
Marvin the Martian
Barney the Dino
Micky Mouse
Foghorn Leghorn
and assorted others I’m still working on. Some think I have WAY too much time on my hands.

But it’s a good laugh taking Micky or Barney and just going off on some sick twisted tanget, that those characters would NEVER go on.

Oooh, I just remembered—I also do a really good Greta Garbo. This guy I worked with at another magazine did Jimmy Stewart, so when things were slow we used to entertain/annoy our coworkers with our version of “Green Acres” starring Jimmy Stewart and Greta Garbo (“Oleeverrr . . . de peeg . . . eet depresses me . . .”).

Doohh - no no no nope …

Beaky & Dudley DoRight (but only “Oh Nell!”) are about it for me…

[does Marcel Marceau count?]

Joe Mantegna (esp. as Fat Tony Salerno)
Christopher Walken (passable)
Hi Opal :smiley:
Barney Gumble
Comic Book Guy
Roy Orbison (singing)
Jimmy Stewart
Bullwinkle J. Moose (passable)
Professor Frink (the voice-sometimes I can do the “guh-hey-hey” stuff but not always)
Ed Norton
Droopy(?) Dog
Roger Rabbit (haven’t done him for awhile though)
A sane person (been doing this one for 30 years now) :wink:


Zappo, you almost became my new best friend when you posted this:

Then I realized you weren’t referring to Edward Norton of “American History X” fame.