What is your keychain style?

I am a function over form guy when it comes to chaining my keys. Simple split ringfor me. I have never used anything else.

OTOH, I have seen people with more key chains/rings than keys. What’s your style?

Well, first off, I carry two keyrings, each with a car key on them. So far, that has prevented me from locking myself out of my car. :wink:

Each is a fairly simple ring with a few other keys on it - apartment key on one, mailbox, office, office desk drawers on the other. They both have 1-2 writing related decorative items as well.

Plain split ring here.

I’ve got more than enough other junk in my pockets. I don’t need anything nonfunctional on my keyring, and as for the allegedly functional items you can attach to one (tiny knives and the like), I generally have better ones in my pockets, anyway.

I have an inch and a half wooden teardrop-shaped fob given to me as a present by an old boss probably 15 years ago. The wood came from trees knocked down in Nashville’s Historic District by tornadoes. As for keys, I have my car key (with fob) and my step-father’s house key. I don’t have a key to my house because I never lock it.


Carabiner and bottle opener. Oh, and keys.

Split ring with house and car fob on it with one 3 inch Hahn Air tag that says “remove before flight”. The tag has made the set of keys so easy to find that it’s rare I misplace my keys.

A split-ring with one novelty fob on it. I’ve had my rubber edamame pod for several years now; I need to look out for a replacement.

That’s a co-inkydink! I worked for a huge bank at the time and that tornado took out our Nashville operations center. I was on the team that set up the business recovery plan to process the TN work in GA. Still have the t-shirt - Tennessee Teamwork. I do not use it as a keychain.

One split ring, two car fobs and a house key hooked to it.

Same here, for my miscellaneous keys. The Prius has a ‘smart key’, which is a fob. I have a 2-inch Swiss Army Knife on it. The fob is the key, so it the knife the keychain? Or is the key a keychain, and the knife is on it?

Two sets. One is a simple split ring holding keys to: truck, tool chest in same, storage unit, mailbox, work (master room, gate, modular room), house and a threaded cotter pin from my first boat. The second set is a fob for the Saturn holding car key, house key, storage unit key, Swiss Army Knife and a 16g flashdrive.

One split ring with keys (car, condo, house, condo mailbox, condo back door, work) and one fob (2000 All-Star Game).

I came -> <- this close to swapping out my fob for a NASA fob while in Houston earlier this month, but couldn’t find one I really liked.

I used to be a clip guy. I still have the clip somewhere.

A CPR spit barrier and a rabbit’s foot. Since CPR only gives a 1 in 3 chance at best, the rabbit’s foot can’t hurt.

My keyring has a separator attached to two split rings so I can hand the mechanic my car keys and keep my house keys for myself. Works quite well when you have to drop the car off for overnight repairs. Also less freaking out in general - if there were no keys whatsoever in my pocket I’d have a mini attack wondering where I forgot them before I remembered “duh, your car is at the mechanic and so are your keys”

I keep one charm on my keyring and use pretty key covers, because I can. The key covers serve a functional service anyway, by letting me know by feel which key I’m holding in the dark.

I’m a lady who doesn’t carry a purse, so I have to keep my keys small-pocket ready.

One car key and fob, two unadorned house keys (gotta unlock 2 doors to get in) and 4 loyalty cards, all on one ring.

[Bruce Lee]The art of keying. . .without keying.[/BL]

Car fob with a split ring that holds two other split rings, one for keys, one for the house alarm fob. And I just found a third one that has nothing on it. Off you go!

Snap-On Tools socket analogue, allowing it to snap apart into two keyrings.


Ultra-minimalist. Plain key ring with one key and one plastic RFID token (to get in to my building.)

Mine always have some decorative item (makes them easier to distinguish by touch), but they have to fit well inside my jeans pockets.

  • Mom’s keys are on a large, heavy, steel oval I got as a present from a company I was leaving after almost 5 years. I mentioned I’d be sorry to miss my 5-year anniversary and the HR guy gave me this keyring, it’s the kind of thing you’d get as a 5-year present and has the company’s logo engraved. I gave him back one I’d been using and that he liked, an Earth-ball stress-ball. It was my last non-consulting company (so far, someday I’d like to go back to that side of the desk). When I say heavy I mean it, that thing might count as a dangerous weapon.
  • My house’s are on a souvenir keyring a friend brought me from Egypt. Extra rings for the same house include a green aluminum star with a carabiner-style opening, a bottle-opener and one that’s publicity for a realtor.
  • My car’s on an orange metacrilate pig, publicity from RBS. And no, you can’t have it… I swear that pig has more girlfriends than a kilo of jamón.
  • Grandma’s are on a tiny level, publicity from the first consulting firm I worked for (their main focus was construction companies).

I also use two key rings each with a copy of each key. I use plain split rings on a small chain and clip to hook on a belt loop and hang into my pocket. Being left handed and most things being made for right handed people I have one set in each front pocket for maximum ease of use. I keep a P-38 can opener on one key chain and nail clipers on the other.