What is your longest/shortest sex session

Longest 74 minutes

Shortest 79 seconds

I was too busy enjoying it to break out the stopwatch.

Many years ago, when I was still my 20’s, I visited a g/f who was working out in San Diego for the summer. We got high-high-HIGH one night and had sex for what seemed like 4-5 hours.

So… probably only about 10 minutes in non-stoned time.

Longest: 7 minutes, 49 seconds.
Shortest: 7 minutes, 49 seconds.

I like to keep things on schedule. 450 pumps to completion, 480 if we’re feeling naughty.

You have a spotter?

Hey, I paid for an hour, I’m hanging out for the remaining 57 minutes.

Nah, one can just review the timer on the video.

Without going into details…

Shortest was probably about 10 minutes.

Longest was about 9 hours with many mini-breaks in there.

Longest: Til the battery ran out

Shortest: When she popped

Do we get to include foreplay?

Oh, that’s why she farted and flew out the window.

Is inflating her considered foreplay?

I suppose it would depend on the location of the nozzle.

I Understand

It has been about thirty years straight now, with no interruptions despite our often being in different locations.

What difference will 10 seconds make?


Does that include the drive over?


Forgive me, I didn’t answer the OP:

Longest - 6’
Shortest - 6"

Shortest: 0". I was “jumping the gun,” and JUST made it.

Longest: 9-10 hours.

We must have differing definitions of “sex session”.