What is your opinion of Newsy?

I stumbled across it on Comcast cable, and have watched it a bit.
It seems unusual to see reporters and announcers not wearing ties. :slight_smile:

I was aware of it but never really looked into it. the name “Newsy” kind of sounds like it’s along the same lines as “truthiness.” i.e. sounds legit but isn’t.

The times I’ve watched, it felt like a college journalism class’ first attempt at writing and producing a newscast. Original reporting is thin and everything else is taken straight from the wire services.

It’s owned by Scripps Media, which is a respected news organization, so I’m not worried about truthiness, but it just seems to be not ready for air yet.

Newsy is owned by EW Scripp, which is one of the oldest newspaper publishers in America. The station was designed to be a 24 hour news organization that played well on mobile apps. They’ve received notable awards and Emmy nominations.

I kind of like the low budget, just the facts, approach. Being designed for mobile, they tend to keep their segments short and to the point. And I like that it’s not endless hours of talking heads barking at each other, like certain other 24 hour news stations I could mention.

Ultimately, I get my news online, but Newsy isn’t completely horrible.