What has happened to journalism?

Tonight’s NBC news really astonished me. In today’s news: King Abdullah died, a gigantic fire in New Jersey, Yemen’s government runs for the hills, and there’s an oil spill in the Yellowstone River. But NBC’s lead story is about football. Football? Really? Are your ratings so shitty that you have to pander to the least common denominator? Are attention spans so tiny that an in-depth story is no longer possible? National TV coverage is to actual news as a pamphlet is to a book.

News has become entertainment.

Somewhere along the line it was discovered that you make more money giving people the news they want instead of giving them actual news. Until there’s a greater motive for the nationwide news organizations to do actual journalism, it’s not going to change.

Until then . . . how about the Onion?

Today news media all over the country and all over the world are printing a story that says Illinois passed a law, effective Jan 1, 2015, that requires students to give their facebook passwords to school officials on demand.

The only problem is that no such law was passed.

Most of the stories are even including a link to a cyberbullying law that allegedly contains the provision. But the law does not even mention the word “password.”

It sure seems like it is getting worse, but it is hardly a new phenomenon. I remember waiting for years for Voyager 1 to reach Jupiter. On the day of the encounter in 1979, when we saw Jupiter in high resolution for the first time, the story was completely overshadowed by the palimony suit between Michelle Triola Marvin and Lee Marvin.

I hate to break it to you, but EVERYBODY’S lead story was about football. EVERY-fucking-body’s. Switch over to the CBS Evening News - football. Turn on CNN - football. Turn off the TV and try to catch some headlines on the radio - football. My wife and I drove 10 hours today and I swear to God the only time I didn’t hear the story was on the Diane Rehm show on NPR, probably because I didn’t listen long enough.

Did they end the broadcast with a dog story?

As a matter of fact, they did. It was a story about people taking their dogs along in motorcycle sidecars. I turned it off in disgust.

Make me wanna holler. Throw up both my hands. :frowning:

We’re 10 days away from the largest gambling day/most watched TV show of the year, which just happens to be on NBC this year. In their case, it was probably a bit of self-promotion to make it the lead story.
But the story of a successful dynasty who may be so successful because they cheat…again. Yeah, that’s something that has a direct impact on more American’s than any of the other stories. :rolleyes:

King Abdullah was 90 which is older than the age the average person dies at. Hardly a shocking tragedy at 90.
The fire, while huge, thankfully did not result in any deaths or serious injuries. I feel for those displaced, but it’s essentially a local story.

I’ve given up on American tee vee news. The best I’ve found is Al Jazeera America and BBC America. I could finally stop wretching.

Last time I tuned into a news program and watched it in full, Peter Jennings was alive.

It used to be a person or a few news people telling you about a current event and giving you the latest info concerning the event. Now it seems that opinions are news. An opinion is never fucking news, especially if you didn’t research said opinion before the mic went on. It’s no longer news, it’s a list of buzzwords that strike your ear in a pleasing manner and keep you tuning in and paying the cable bill.

I don’t care what O’Reilly or Anderson THINK about a story, I want to hear the story, period. Maybe it started with cable. I don’t remember a show called Dan Rather or Peter Jennings. It was called World News with someone who GIVES the news.

See Nightcrawler for details. Great movie.

And, on another semi-hijack, about a week ago on the BBC’s World at One radio / podcast show, there was a story about a mom who had been invoiced the cost of a ski trip her son did not attend. The invoice had come from another mom who said she was out of pocket because of the no-show.
Even as a “In lighter news…” it doesn’t work. So surreal to hear a normally high-quality news and discussion show mention a Judge Judy story.

What’s so special about 10 days from now?

I’d even be wary of the BBC. I haven’t checked out al Jazeera but I do watch Russia Today occasionally.

Nowadays I swear most reporters never get out of their cubicles. They just sit there and pull stories off the internet.

The days of the reporters sneaking around city hall and back alleys looking for a scoop are long gone.

No doubt deliberate. By promoting trivia and persuading the populace utterly unimportant happenings have meaning, it lowers their political awareness and calms them into enjoying the status quo.
Dumbing Down 101.

The Super Bowl.

Is this a whoosh?
Russia Today is Russian state owned, and independent regulators have tried to block it from broadcasting outside of Russia, such is the level of “balance”.

Today’s best TV journalists (Jon Stewart, John Oliver) are comedians and supposedly actual TV news is a joke.