What is the "news" these days??

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is the news even relevant anymore??? We are fed stupid reality shows, and inane stories by happy smiling journo’s who have more money than most of us, nice clothes, and LOTS of make-up, and in some cases face-lifts. (that’s a whole other scary topic. :smack:

I just go straight to BBC news these days. It’s the only real news.

Well, that and the NY Times.
Please forward this to all your friends, and ir/relevant news stations.


No more hero’s anymore… - the stranglers.

Please don’t. We are in the business of running a message board, not a facilitating a letter-writing campaign.

The General Questions forum is for factual questions. I’m not sure what your intention in starting this thread is, but I don’t see a factual question, so I’ll close this thread. Feel free to rant about the state of the news in the BBQ Pit forum or ask opinions about it in the IMHO forum, or debate it in the Great Debates forum.

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