What Is Your Post Count?

Damn, its up to 1273 . . . ah, screw it . . .

Betcha someone gets nekkid.


1836? WFC?

Nekkid? NEKKID?!?

4057, counting this one. :slight_smile:

My post count came about by surprise.

One day it lay in wait for me, around a forum’s corner. Pouncing, it bore me to the ground, cackling loudly in my ear as I struggled, and announced I would have to bear it forever and a day.

It hasn’t had its evil way with me yet. Some small mercies.



45 posts?!? I’m on a roll!..to having no life.:rolleyes:

Flander I’m going to sniff you out!

QED where were you last night? I waited and waited…

One more than it used to be.

Well, crap. Whose boobies were those?

Bird watching again?

No, they weren’t the blue-footed sort. snicker

'Course, I couldaben using bird in the British sense.

Or is that Peter Sellersism from the 60s right out?


Damn, I come back after a day and the thread has turned into a nekkid flirting and exotic boob watching! Just the kind of stuff I need to help me get through the day!
And Isabelle, if your going to sniff me out, I’ll be sure to wear some nice cologne to make it enjoyable.

Long time lurker hears b(.)(.)bies mentioned…
Pops head in…
No boobies…:frowning:
Pops back out…