What Is Your Post Count?

I have seen several people excited about their post count.
What is the big deal? Who cares how many times you have posted? Is it really important in the big scheme of things…are you going to trust someone’s word just cause they have a higher post count?

Things that make you go Hmmm.
I just don’t get it.

Wow, over 1550 posts Isabelle! You should be proud!:stuck_out_tongue:

Do I win something? A toaster oven? A night with Tom Selleck?
Tell me…tell me!

High post count just means you post a lot, not that you post quality. I post only when I think the hamsters will permit and I have something witty and/or significant to add. not that it always is mind you, it’s just my opinion. :smiley:

This post will be number 10,026.

** Isabelle ** wrote…

Not at all.

That *is * the point. It is pointless. It is meaningless. I opened My 500th post, Woooo Hooooo! for example, to specifically poke fun at what I have noticed over the years here as something along the lines of “poster envy”. I have seen **Handy ** get railed because he had * to many posts *, I saw M’uadib (sp) get dragged over the coals once and specific reference was made to his low post count. (no cite - was some time ago). There are others who have achieved SDMB stardom through what I see as being a combination of wit, charisma and a high post count. I often wonder if they would be so well known if it were through wit and charisma alone. There have been several threads on this subject as well. Its fun to watch.

So I’m happy to have survived this long (years not posts), I was dragged into the pit once a couple of years ago, but other then that I think I have made a worth wile contribution to the boards, and so have LOTS of others with lesser count then I (take Cecil for example). So, feeling goofy about this (far) less than significant event, I thought I would have some fun, post rain bows, ASCII art, insult Cecil, start a Faux click - weeee! Exactly what this board is NOT all about. That’s my excuse anyway. Trust me, in 3 years when I hit 1000, I’m going to do it all over again! BTW, how did * you * manage to get in so many posts in just 5 months. Wow - 1554, that’s like 9 posts a day. * you * are obviously a * god. *

Will you be my friend?


** Isabelle ** wrote…

You win my undying respect, adoration and a life time supply of chewing gum from the collection I have amassed, and keep under restaurant tables the world over.

But you cant be in my club.


You don’t seem very cencerned about your post count, Janx, and that’s just fine.

Your sig, on the other hand, just about melted my brain.

I wouldn’t necessarily trust someone just because they have a high post count but I might be a bit leery of someone with a very small post count and recent registration date and what looks like an axe to grind; especially if they post something completely moronic like email glurge or some kind of ‘check out this site’ come on.

But post count milestones are just harmless fun like birthdays. We as people seem to like numbers that end in 0s and the more 000s the better! So we have little galas to celebrate.

Oh ** Janx ** I will be your friend.
What kind of club do you have? I was a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee but then I blossomed and they kicked me out.
I’m open to join a club.

Damn. I like the members of that committee. :smiley:

Me too.

Are you guys saying that cause I am no longer a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee that I am undesirable? Ah I think that is discrimination. I demand we get up close and personal! :smiley:

Well, if I must… :wink:

Acusing me of discrimination, are you? I may have to give you a good tongue-lashing!

On the count of three I will flash you both (watch your monitor steam) If you need further examination I am free tonight.

As for the tongue lashing…bring it on baby…show me what ya got :stuck_out_tongue:


** Isabelle ** wrote…

I’m *SOOOOooooo * sorry, but you see, the club in question is only open to people in the 500 post range [see my link above], We are afraid that you are simply to much of an over achiever for the likes of us. However, we have been known to make exceptions for people with titties. Any of the itty-bitty, pleasantly protruding, or award winning Guernsey variety have been known to apply. Is this discrimination you ask? Yes, yes it is, but its *MY * club. If anyone doesn’t like it, I say raspberries to you, and see ya in court!

I’d heard that after 20K posts, you get oral from the Mod of your choice.

Sorry, Isabelle. You can’t be in my club either! There’s a sign in front of the clubhouse that specifically says, “No Isabelles!”

And we already have one Isabelle…No IsabelleS !!