What Is Your Post Count?

Oh come on guys. Give me a chance.
Flander you didn’t even ask me what my specialties were!
Surely you could use one of my talents in your club

Don’t make me hunt you down!

Well, can I count all my posts, or only the good ones?

Cuz, that would make a big difference, you know?

Four hundred and ninety-three.

I always enjoy a good game of Cat & Mouse! Seems you already have a head start in catching me; I noticed you live in FL, too. Let the chase begin!

I’m new at this whole “message board, posting” thing so give me some credit. Its a whole new world here, I never knew message boards could be so…interesting. Heehee… Anyway, post number 21, here I come!

Welcome to the boards, Amy. I’m sure you’ll do fine in these parts. Just speak your mind and don’t be an idiot. I’m on the boards constantly, though I don’t post much; I usually don’t have much to say. On the other hand, Isabelle registered just a few months before I did, and she is a MUCH more prolific poster. This is definatley the best board on the net. Its become an addiction! My company is virtually paying me to write this message. But I digress…post number forty-something for me! Horray!

Somewhere in the 4700s.

I used to play a game where I’d imagine I was living in the year of my post count. Got kind of pointless once I passed 2002 though. So I don’t do that anymore. But 1563 is a neat year. I wonder what Liz is up to over in England?

Something like a thousand past Johnny’s. Beyond that I don’t know. 11345?

Well, shit, I’m sold…

I have been here 4 1/2 years.

I have 650 posts.

I’m just a little pathetic.


Thanks Flander! :slight_smile: I usually speak my mind and hopefully I’m not an idiot about it. At least not too much… I also get paid for posting these messages too. Sometimes I feel bad about it but most of the time…I don’t. :smiley: Then again, that’s because my manager is cool and could care less what I do as long as I finish what I’m supposed to do.

3.95 posts a day, 1790 posts… 1780 of which were pointless :smiley:

The “Its Absolutely Pointless” Club is now accepting members. Single file please!

Yeah, I really don’t get it either.

I have a lot of GQ and CAFE interests. I like the story telling and conversation threads in MPSIMS. I’m a Trek Doper. I’m into religion at times (esp in The Pit) and flirting other times. I also like the occasional non-sequitur.

All that adds up. No big deal.

People flirt here???


Of course they do SanguineSpider…

two flirtatious winks followed by flirtatious giggle

My post count is 1270.

Wait, now it is 1271.

Crap, its up to 1272 now.

giggles back at Amy881, batting her eyes flirtatiously