What Is Your Taxonomic Classification

Once upon a time “biological anthropologists” used what was known as taxonomic classifications to classify the various human races physically, not just as white or Asian or black but more specificially as for example for Europeans Nordic, or Alpinid. Of course, needless to say this became highly controversial and is no longer widely talked about to-day. However we’ve had a discussion on eugenics before (with most people not being racists), so why not this? Note that this is purely physical and racial classification does not mean (hopefully) claims of racial superiority or inferiority.

I’m personally a Tungid/Nordsinid.

What about you?

On Physical Anthropology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_anthropology

Homo sapiens sapiens

I used to post on anthropology boards. Pontid.

Thinking meat.

This. Or sometimes, just plain meat.

…or sometimes meat substitute, especially after pulling yet another all-nighter.

Body-hair-wise, I wonder if I’m a Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Mousterian epoch, perhaps.

Sorry, I know that’s an echo of real science, not the Victorian horse-pucky you were asking for, but it is (was) a sub-species, so close enough.

Perhaps you’re curious about particular alleles of specific genes that each of us suspect we might possess, and what that might suggest about the geographic wanderings of some of our ancestors. Well, I have Cavalli-Svorza’s door-stopping tome, and it has nice maps, but I’m not astute enough to understand most of the genetics. There have been a few threads on the Dope about people who have voluntarily undergone genetic profiling, hoping to learn something interesting about their ancestry.

:rolleyes: Homo sapiens sapiens.

You know that picture of the evolution of man, which goes from monkeys on all fours to a man standing erect? I’m the next panel, of man walking while leaning backwards. Not sure there’s a name for that yet.

Homo mutt


Where the fallen angel meets the rising ape.

That’s what I always put on census forms.

Pan narrans.

Homo sapiens truckinsis

Homo Floresiensis

Hetero sapiens

I am Devo. D E V O

There was nothing on the page, even after browsing and clicking links, to give me any information on what I might be defined as, so…

I’ll go with homo-sapiens sapiens as well. <shrug>

I’m Homo sapiens sparticusensis.