What is your thermostat set at?

30C because it doesn’t get any higher; if I could I’d have it at 34C, which is enough to avoid feeling like I have the flu, but might give the poor machine a break now and then. I need to get up and switch it off periodically, because otherwise with current temperatures it would be working constantly (too many ACs doing that have been known to cause brownouts, in this area). Last night’s official low temp was 28C, booyeah.

In the winter I aim for 15C.

No category for me - my thermostat is off. With the weather in the Bay Area for the past few weeks you can open the windows at night, close them in the morning, and you are fine. Haven’t even had to run the ceiling fans for weeks.

Sorry, forgot: I’m currently in Seville. I think this year I may not need heating in the winter except for a handful of nights, yay! My house in northern Spain, otoh, is in the mountains and in a location where snow in August is common enough it doesn’t even make the local news: no AC there.

It doesn’t matter right now, its 90s for a month or so now. From October to April its about 72. Though I do turn it on in Sept if needed.

I didn’t vote, because mine varies according to summer or winter. In the summer (now) I set the thermostat at 78 F, and 68-70 F in winter. I sometimes come home from work and find that someone (Husband) has lowered the a/c temperature to something like “meat-hanging-temperature.” After last month’s $317 US electric bill, I threatened him with severe bodily harm if he did that again!

(I did, however, install a window a/c unit in the bedroom - I’m not cruel, but I am a~in charge of the budget, because I’m much better at handling money and b~the only one in the household currently working for income right now, thanks to his two knee surgeries since May. I’m not cruel, but we can’t afford a $400 electric bill, with the past month’s stretch of 90-105 degree days with 10000% humidity. Ceiling fans help keep the house comfortable during the hottest part of the day. They are installed in every room of the house except bathrooms and laundry room.)

That said, I have been known to occasionally raise the heating temperature during the winter, but only long enough that I can enjoy a warm soak in the tub - I hate cold weather, even the measly “winter” weather we have here in coastal Georgia. I don’t mind dressing in sweats all winter, but I do like the occasional long soak in the tub to thaw out my hands and feet!

We live just outside of Savannah, Georgia, USA.

I live in Australia … in a relatively cold area (winters we regularly drop below freezing overnight)

Winter heating living room = 23degC (73degF)
Winter heating bedroom = 17degC (63degF)

Summer aircon = 26degC (79degF)

2 window units, set at 74 when I’m home and 80 when I leave. I have cats, 2 of them special needs who don’t seem to handle heat very well. I’m on the top floor, so even if I shut the A/C’s off and opened the windows when I leave, it can get over 90 in here.

So, the window units stay running unless the predicted high is less than 83 on any given day. They’ve been running a lot this summer, even with the lake cooling effect.

During the summer mine is set at 75 F, day or night. If I could afford it, it’d be set at 72, especially this summer where it’s been hitting between 100 to 105 on a regular basis in my front yard, with a humidity that has rarely gone below 78% this year.

During the winter the heat isn’t cut on at all when the kids are in school. I’ll cut it on an hour before they get home, and the thermostat is then set for 69 F, until we go to bed, when it gets turned down to 67 F. I’d like to put it around 72F when we’re awake, and actually have it on during the day, but again I can’t afford that.

68, but the lowest it can get during the day is ~78.

In Kurdistan, the thermostat is set to 23C.

72 degrees; occasionally I kick it up a degree or two. I used to like it much higher but for some reason my preferences have trended cooler over the years. That’s heater only, I don’t have air conditioning. California.

20 in winter, nothing in summer as there’s no aircon nor any regular need for it.

26 C in the summer (Southern Ontario). I can deal with the heat, it is mostly on for the humidity, so 78-79 is just fine. You might think it would be difficult to sleep at that temperature (it would actually be warmer upstairs) but the ceiling fans do wonders…

In the winter it stays at 22 (71-72) in the daytime, 18 (64-65) at night. I love snuggling under a big comforter in a cold room to sleep.

My thermostat is set for 67° but it’s currently turned off. It will be turned on sporadically starting probably in late October. Once the winter really hits (around Christmas time), it will generally be set for 68° during the day and 65° at night.

Both A/C units are currently set to 70° and unfortunately are running day and night. I am freezing my ass off but the boyfriend can’t breathe when they’re off. Stupid asthma.

I live in MA.
Isn’t it odd that I find 70° to be freezing in the summer and 68° to be perfectly comfortable in the winter. This is even though I’m typically sitting in the same spot in my house all day, wearing the same clothes, and doing the same thing, regardless of the season.

21 in the winter when we’re home; 18 when we’re sleeping or not home.

No air conditioning. I like the heat, and frankly there’s only a handful of nights in the summer when air conditioning would be welcomed. I like having the windows open and smelling the fresh air.


I voted 75 and am just outside Toronto.

This is definitely the compromise position, my husband prefers the house much colder than I do all year long. In the winter we heat to about 69 degrees. (Go online temperature conversions!)

74 in the summer - this is a compromise, as I’d prefer it more in the 68 or 70 range, while my girlfriend is breaking out the fleece and blankets even at 74.

In the winter, we usually heat to something around 64 or so.

We live in the midwest USA, and it is summer right now. We have the thermostat set at 76 during the day and 73 at night. Our house has a large central great room with lots of windows, and that central part of the house is always hotter than the thermostat setting. Unfortunately, it’s been in the mid-90s outside every day for a couple weeks now. The air conditioning can barely keep up.

In the winter we set the thermostat to 62 at night and 67 during the day.

62, Pittsburgh PA

This is really surprising. I live in Central Florida, and I keep mine on 78, sometimes 77 if I just got back from a long bike ride or something. And I’m menopausal. I’m surprised at the low choices in the poll and at how low people are keeping their thermostats. Wow.

ETA: I wasn’t even thinking about winter when I wrote the above. Obviously it doesn’t get too cold here in the winter (this past winter was an exception), but when it does I keep it at 68, maybe 70 or a little higher if I can’t take the cold anymore. Usually, I just dress warmly and sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket. We Floridians seem to lose our ability to stand the cold after a few years down here.