What I've never dared to say in an Eve thread:

Pwincess Pwecious sounds like someone I could really dig.

No, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you because you don’t like her. No, I’m not saying you should give her a chance or anything like that. All I am saying is that it sounds like she and I could have a grand old time together! We could play with my animals, and bake heart-shaped cookies, and trade cross-stitch patterns!

I’ll throw some prayers your way, Rilchiam; May Eve be gentle in her wrath. :slight_smile:

Hi folks!

A federal election is around the corner, and it will be an absolutely crucial one for our country! So many important issues are at stake, and a real shift in power could take place. YOU SHOULD VOTE!

EVERYONE who is a Canadian citizen, over 18, and who lives in Canada CAN VOTE no matter where in Canada you are. For example, if you are living where you go to school, but you are from elsewhere in Canada, you can vote EITHER in the riding where you go to school OR in your home riding.

Polling day is MONDAY, JUNE 28. You can also vote before then, on the advance polls on the 18th, 19th, and 21st of June. (It’s a good idea to do this, in case you happen to be busy on Election Day.) Go mark these dates on your calendar right now!

Since there are a lot of people who might be confused about how to vote or who might not be at home on Election Day, I’ve prepared a little summary of how to vote in a variety of situations. If you’re confused, or if your questions aren’t answered, call Elections Canada toll-free at 1-800-463-6868 (7 AM to 1 AM daily). They can help you.

Please forward this information to anyone who might have questions about how to vote!


You can check what riding you live in (at home or in Montreal) by going to the Elections Canada website at http://www.elections.ca/ and typing in your postal code. You can also call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868

The website will also tell you who your returning officer is and where his or her office is located.

After June 9, it will also tell you who the candidates are in your riding.


If you want to vote in a riding, you must be registered to vote there. If you’ve lived there for some time, you may already be registered, since Elections Canada updates the voters’ list from a variety of sources. (If you registered in that riding in the last election, you are very probably registered.)

In the next few weeks, you ought to receive a mailing confirming your registration. You can also check if you’re registered by calling Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868.

If you AREN’T REGISTERED in Montreal, don’t panic. You can register to vote at the office of the Returning Officer in your riding. You can find out where that is on the Elections Canada website by typing in your postal code. (Returning offices should be open after this Thursday).

If you run out of time, you can also register on the spot by bringing sufficient proof of address and citizenship to the polling place on Election Day. These proofs could include a phone or tuition bill, passport, birth certificate, etc. anything official that has your address on it – bring as much as possible. To make doubly sure, call Elections Canada or your returning officer.


If you don’t receive a card telling you where to vote, call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868. You can also find out from your returning officer (see above). Note that the polling places for Election Day and for the advance polls are usually different (since there are fewer advance polling places).


Anyone can vote at the advance polls, which will be held on the 18th, 19th, and 21st of June.

If you won’t be around for the advance polls either, you can vote by special ballot, by going to the returning office in your riding as soon as possible. (Again, you can find out where this is from Elections Canada at http://www.elections.ca/ ). You can also register to vote at this time, if necessary. They will have you fill out an application to vote by special ballot. You can then vote on the spot, or take the kit home and send it in later. DO THIS EARLY: your vote MUST BE RECEIVED by 6 PM on JUNE 28 or it cannot be counted.

If you’re away from home right now, note that you can register for special ballot in any returning office in Canada, with proof of citizenship and address.

If you register to vote by special ballot, you must vote by special ballot and cannot vote by normal ballot later.

I hope this has been useful to you! Remember, Elections Canada or your returning officer can help you out if you want any more information.

Also, here are the websites for currently registered political parties. Remember, not all parties will necessarily have candidates in all ridings.

Bloc Quebecois: http://www.blocquebecois.org/
Canadian Action Party: http://www.canadianactionparty.ca/
Communist Party: http://www.communist-party.ca/
Conservative Party: http://www.conservative.ca/
Green Party: http://greenparty.ca/
Liberal Party; http://www.liberal.ca/
Marijuana Party: http://www.marijuanaparty.com/
Marxist Leninist Party: http://www.cpcml.ca/
New Democratic Party: http://www.ndp.ca/


P.S. I checked this information with Elections Canada. However, if there are any mistakes in it, it’s my fault. If there’s anything that seems amiss, or if this doesn’t cover your situation, repeats self call Elections Canada or check their website.

Oh, lord. Cleanup in aisle 5. :smack:

I wouldn’t say that in an Eve thread either. In fact, I wouldn’t say that anywhere, anytime.

What I wouldn’t say in an Eve thread: “Which belt buckle should I wear to a Village gallery opening? The Nascar one or the Vegas National Rodeo one?”

That’s what I wouldn’t ask in an Eve thread.

Gods, matt, that was the best misplaced posted ever! Or maybe it was the catch you made. Either way, I’m still laughing. Thanks

(chuckilng) How would you like your eggs with that Spam, matt?


What Matt is trying to say to Eve is that she needs to become a Canukian and VOTE!

OK, I have got to know . . .

I think just Matt’s posts which were supposed to be in a new thread, ended up in here.

Nothing interesting, alas – a very long, and very misplaced, post about voting in the Canuckian elections.

And I would never, ever say anything that would bring down the wrath of Eve, even in jest – I’m still gunning for a wisecracking sidekick (to the wisecracking diva? hmmm… that’s a lot of wisecracking) role.

Well, I know that I would never say in an Eve thread that opera length gloves remind me of what vets wear to deliver calves or that lorgnettes tend to make a woman’s eyes look puffy.

Both of those things would just be wrong* to say in an Eve thread.

Also I would never code wrong* wrong in an Eve thread either. :smack:

Say goodnight, swampy.

I would never say anything in an Eve thread, for fear of coming off like an idiot.

All that elegance is kind of intimidating.

Heh. Otto said “Bwasphemy!” Heh. I hope he threw his hands up in the air after he typed it!

Sheesh. She’s not all that intimidating…She likes Lieu threads!

(She may have even typed “poo” once…although I can’t be sure.)

What I’d never say. . .

Why would anyone want to watch a black and white movie?

OOOOOOOH!!! and I would never add to that:

Especially when they’re so much better after they’ve been colorized.