What jobs did Ernie & Bert do for a living?

This is a trick question. Careful. :wink:

A cop and a taxi driver?

If you’re asking about the characters in It’s A Wonderful Life, Bert was a policeman and Ernie was a cab driver.

If you’re asking about the muppets on Sesame Stree whose names were not based on the two above, they educated young children in exchange for public television funds, some of which likely went to Jim Henson, their creator.

Ernie always struck me as the kind of guy who still lives with his mom (and what is he, 40?). Bert, as everyone knows, is a senior officer in the Taliban.

Awww. So quick? That was my last sesame Street trivia question.:smiley:

Bert is evil.


To quote Elton John:

“Turning tricks for the dudes in the big city…”

I don’t know about them, but if I had to spend all day with someone’s hand stuck up my butt, I had better be getting paid for that.

Gay porn stars, I am sure of it.

istara , haven’t you ever seen “Bert does Buffalo”?

I always thought that Bert lived off family money (I mean, a paperclip collection? How trivially patrician.) and that Ernie was kept.


I always heard that they worked in a fudge packing plant.

First thought when I saw the OP was gay porn . I wonder what it is about those two . . . .


They’re puppets on a popular TV show. A good gig.

Shagnasty got to it first.
Oh well.
Nothing more to add here!

Does he collect paper clips now?

When I was a kid, he had an amazing bottle cap collection.

guess kids today would have no idea what a bottle cap is. :frowning: