Are Bert & Ernie gay?

I know what you are thinking but no I am not trolling. I was told that Bert & Ernie were out and were being used to teach tolerance for gays. Is this true or is someone messing with me? Seriously.

Someone’s messing with you.

Bert & Ernie are not gay. Bert is evil and Ernie is his bitch, but they are not gay.
There are various sites depicting the evilness of Bert, but I can’t remember what they’re called

Snopes don’t deal with this question specifically, but answer to a question about whether Bert and Ernie are going to get married including in the answer, that they aren’t homosexual. So if you think Snopes are reliable, and personally I do, they aren’t gay, it’s just an urban legend.

For God’s sake, they’re Muppets. In a children’s show. They are neither gay nor straight nor bi nor transgendered. They aren’t sexual beings at all. Do we have to turn everything into a friggin’ sexual orientation debate now?

I know they are muppets and it is a childrens show. I thought it was B S but I wanted to be sure.

I don’t know what specifically would suggest they are gay- they seem like roomates who are friends. I mean, if I moved in with my best friend, that would not make me automatically gay.

And Smithers, Lenny and Carl are just characters on a kids cartoon show, too.

Not at all. The Simpsons is a cartoon for adults.

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The Simpsons is not aimed at kids. Certainly not like Sesame Street is.

Bert may be gay, but Ernie is definitely straight. They’re the See-Threepio and Artoo-Deetoo of “The Street”.

Hmmm, does sexual orientation apply to characters who don’t even exist below the waist?

Well, something’s going on between Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy.

Are Oscar Madison and Felix Unger of The Odd Couple gay? Bert and Ernie are just puppet versions of Oscar and Felix.

They aren’t gay. But if you want them to be, they are. It’s all how you look at it.

They sleep in the same bed, don’t they? (or they used to when I was a kid). Not that I would find that conclusive - I think it is more likely a throwback to the tradiiton of acts like Laurel & Hardy, who did the same (on screen).

Are you kidding? Of course, they were gay. Just look at how neat Felix was… :slight_smile:

According to Snopes, No.

Bert and Ernie do not sleep in the same bed. They have twin beds.

That may be the case nowadays, but I definitely remember them sleeping in the same bed some years ago.

I always kinda assumed that Bert and Ernie were brothers, with Bert as the serious older brother and Ernie as the goofy kid brother.