What keys and how many do you have on your key chain?

ummm let’s see:

Two keys to the house ( front and back keys. I put red fingernail polish on the front one so that it is spotted easily among like house keys.)
Key to my office.
One to the Executive bathroom ( enclosed stall in the same bathroom that students use.)
Key to the Nissen along with remote key lock. ( really too damn big for my pocket.)
One small silver one ( not a clue what that one fits.)
One large silver one ( not a clue about that one either but I bet if I throw it away I will find out what it fits pretty quick.)

So I make the count at seven.

Oh wait, a key to the storage room out back. Of course the lock was lost long ago.

So make that eight. :slight_smile:

gun cabinet

I’ve got a key to my parent’s house, in case of emergency.
Key to my sister’s house, same reason.
Key to my place, (just one, don’t need two)
Key to my mailbox.
A small silver key which I think opens up something at work, but I’ve never used it.
The key to my Focus (also with a remote key lock).
The key to the padlock on an old trunk I have.

So I stand at 7.

2 house keys (doorknob and deadbolt)
1 key for garage door (detached garage, has car-door and people-door)
1 car key
1 key to Mom’s house
1 key to In-Law’s house
2 keys for work (front door and classroom)

8 for me. I think it’s too many, but I don’t know what to get rid of.


Jeep doors
Jeep ignition

1 for my car
1 for my ex’s car (I’m borrowing it)
three house keys; vestibule, front and back door
ex’s house keys on a separate but attached ring. 3 total
handcuff key (because it looks cool)
fob is a little eyeball courtesy of my son’s bday goddie bag- my beloved carabiner was stolen along with all my keys recently.

P.S. Am I the only one that has to have all the keys facing the same way and in a logical order? i.e. vestibule,mailbox, front door, back door?

I have
1 key to start my car
1 key to open the back of my car (why does it need 2 keys? Please tell me!)
2 keys to the front door (these two will unlock any door into the house)
1 key to my room (I had to get a real lock, my sister use to steal stuff)
1 key to my dorm room
1 key to a lock that I cant find, but occasionally shows up
1 really old skeleton key that I bought at a flea market and use as a key chain

So that makes 8.

Mike, I have that also, Work, home, guncabinet.

Ok. found 'em. whew.

I’ve got:
outer gate to apt. complex
front door
laptop cable lock (for work)
front door to my last apt (??i dunno why either??)
keroppi keychain

that’s 5 keys and a frog

What? You mean some people DON’T have their keys “in order” with all the cut edges facing the same way? Well, that’s just sick!


W&M alumni keychain
Harrod’s keychain
apartment key
mailbox key
car key
Remote for car locks
key to OLD apartment
mailbox key to old apartment
front door key for old apartment building

So I stand at 9…

Key and remote for Aerostar
Key and remote for 626
Front door key
garage door key
MVP card for Food Lion
My key fob is the engraved part of an ID bracelet that and old gf had given hubby in high school… It’s got his name on it - I like it

So - 4 keys and some extra crap

Lets see…

::pulling keychain from pocket::
1 for my Acura;
1 for my parents house;
1 for the company dumpdruck;
2 keys for my old Impala (need to sell that boat)
2 keys for a Pontiac (backup car)
& 1 small “mystery key” I don’t think I’ve ever used.


erm…dumptruck even

– apartment key
– friend’s housekey
– mailbox key
– storage unit lock key
– car key

Also a Kroger discount card, a Food Lion discount card, a pool pass, one of my dad’s dog tags, a keychain I made on vacation in Minneapolis that says “Fat Cat” because I have an overweight feline, and a pointless round plastic lace thing I braided with blue and black lace because I felt like it.

Car key
House key
Garage key

1 for my house
2 for my car-1 for the doors, 1 for the ignition
1 key for the tack room and feed room at the barn

On my prized Murphy’s Irish Stout bottle opener / keychain (courtesy of a couple of British guys named Jim and Paul, who gave it to me as a sort of Fourth of July present):

Apartment key
Parents’ house key
Ignition / car door key
Car tailgate key
Work mailbox key
Office key
… and another one that was given to me on my first day at work that I can’t identify. It looks exactly like the office key, yet doesn’t work in the office door, and I don’t dare throw it away in case it turns out to be important. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

ok, lets see here.

Bottle Opener ( most important!)
key for ex-wife’s car
key for pickup truck
key for toolbox for bed of pickup (currently burried in ex-wife’s shed.)
P.O.Box key
key for Deadbolt at parent’s house
Swiss Army Knife
key for “The Club”
key for ex-wife’s house
key for mailbox
something that looks like a suitcase key
key for gate in ex-wife’s backyard
key for my parent’s house
key for my house
Key for my car
key for gas cap on my car
Captain Morgan key ring
and one phantom key for which I have NO idea

ooops! So that’s 18. Do I win?