What kind of airplane is this?

Twin turbo, over wing puddle jumper for Costa Rica vacation. 6-10 pass I guess.

Dear Wife and I are planning a trip for the spring, and this is one leg of it.

A picture, maybe? Or at least the airline?

Is it a DHC-6 Twin Otter?

You have got to give a description for accurate indentification. It could be lots of aircraft. There are some Cessna aircraft that can handle that passenger load but there are lots of others. They are all safe if that is what you are asking. Costa Rica isn’t a dangerous country. I have been there.

Sounds like an Otter. Slow, but can carry a ton and have excellent short /rough field capability. The plane of choice for serious Alaska bush work.

Sorry picture is coming up. Think I got the wrong one anyway. Sansa Airlines out of Tamarindo Costa Rica. Six pas max.

OK I think think this is it.

The current Sansa fleet comprises 12 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and 2 Aerospatiale ATR-42-300.


The Cessnas are single engined so I’m not sure what you will be flying.

It looks like a de Havilland Twin Otter.


The photo posted by “enipla” is a Dehavilland Twin Otter, aka DHC-6. Usual confirguration is 18 passengers plus two crew.

Thanks all. Twin Otter it is. My Wife was saying that we where going to fly on a 6 person airplane. With all the luggage.

The 6 people is the van to the airport.

I was thinking we where gona be in a 180. with 4 other people and our luggage over the middle of Costa Rica.

Any who, I did fly on a Caravan from Belize to Ambergrise Kay and I got to ride in the co-pilot seat. I was just told to 'Don’t touch anything. OK?"


It was quite the flight. And quite the short runway.

Thanks all.