What kind of animal steals toys donated for charity? Police reveal it's one of their own.

Toys donated for charity have been disappearing from the offices of the Franklin, Massachusetts, police department. Officers doggedly pursued their suspect and finally caught him in the act. It turns out the pawpetrator is a police department employee identified as Ben Franklin. Why have no charges been filed against this cur? Apparently he’s some kind of golden boy. The police are protecting one of their own, fur crying out loud! Howl justice ever be done? More details here

Dog-gone it! That shouldn’t be pawmissible!

lol i smiled for the first time in days

It’s a logical conundrum:

All dogs are good dogs;
Stealing toys from kids is bad;
A dog stole toys from kids,
A good dog is bad.

Saw that on the news last night. I like the video of them chasing him around the station with a basket in his mouth!


Shameful! He should be hounded out of the community!

But kudos to the Franklin police department for their dogged pursuit of the case. I’m sure it involved hours of work by the crime Lab.

K-9 privilege is real y’all!