What kind of cool feather is this?

I found an unusually large feather under an overpass near my house, very different than what I’d normally find around here. Judging from Google Image Search, it’s some sort of hawk tail feather, but I’m not sure which species.

image 1
image 2

It is a turkey feather, or red tailed hawk (I think)

I guess I shouldn’t assume the size of your hand, how long is it? Is less than 6 inches? I assumed it was at least 6 inches or longer and that is why I gave the above answers.

But if it is shorter I would think it was something related of broad tail but the large size is throwing me off.

OK, I am losing my gray matter with age. But after looking at the image perspective a bit more that looks a tail feather, and is not a large secondary as I assumed.

I don’t know where you live, or the actual size but look at a sharp-shinned hawk and see if that fits better.


Looks like a northern harrier tail feather to me.

I think a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk tail feather. They seem to have the widest bands.

ETA: Actually **puddlegum **might be right.Here’s a pic.

Right, I should have actually mentioned that :smack:. New Jersey, a tadge over nine inches.