What kind of creature is the McDonald's character Grimace supposed to be?: the mystery is solved

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Sorry about that. But for those interested, here’s where I found the quote: Home - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists

Which starts with an uncredited quote of Cecil’s copyrighted column.

I vaguely remember the four arms.

I guess the blueberry shakes were his children and he was opposed to humans consuming them.

No, no, no. He turned that color from drinking so many blueberry shakes! he had 4 arms so he could steal more of them.

Which means that the “user” there was probably also an SDMB poster, whose post got stolen too.

And her claim that he was spotted like a blueberry milkshake is uncited. I call bullshit.

2007 toy version of the 1971 Grimace: purple and no spots.

No sign of spots in this old McDonaldland commercial.

Drinking them seems to be the idea. He is thirsty.

I’m disappointed that Ronald always resorted to subterfuge and outright lying to rescue the shakes and icy cold Coca Colas.

In the mailman ad in particular, he’s on Grimace’s property stealing back the cups. It’s not like McDonaldland has no police - Big Mac could have obtained a warrant and recovered the stolen cups himself, *and *put Evil Grimace behind bars.

Hey, that story explains what became of The Grapist!

Grimace doesn’t have spots in the early ones, but his chest does appear to be. . . lump? Which could be construed as spots, I guess. Maybe he suffered from NF?