What kind of government will be the result of the UK general election?

Not just looking at raw numbers here–which form of government will take control as a result of tomorrow’s general election?

And I see I neglected to enter the option of “A Conservative minority government; David Cameron is the new PM.” Contacting a mod to fix that.

I voted “Con-LibDem alliance”.

Not sure if that’s wishful thinking, and I certainly would not normally favour the Conservatives in power, but I sure as hell don’t want Labour back at this stage, and especially not with Brown as PM, so I don’t see much alternative; at least with the LibDems in government they would be able to tone down Conservative excesses in terms of forming policy - and given large Labour and LibDem minorities in Parliament, they would be able to threaten even more opposition.

I think a Conservative majority is most likely, but they may need the Ulster Unionists to achieve it. Or maybe the SNP + PC (on a platform of major electoral reform).

Added “A Conservative minority government; David Cameron is the new PM.” to the poll, per request of OP.

I think it will be a hung parliament. I nearly voted for “Something else even more unexpected” because I am an optimist and think it is possible for a hung parliament to be beneficial for the country in some ways :).