What "kind" Of Jeopardy Could You Go On And Win

Let’s say you went on the show Jeopardy.

Supposing that all the questions from that particular show would be on one subject. What subject would it be that you could go on that “type” of Jeopardy and win or do very well at least.

For instance, if it was “Simpson’s Jeopardy,” I think I’d do very well, though with the total die hard fans, I am not sure. I think I could win “Prisoner Cell Block H (An Australian soap opera) Jeopardy.” Where all the questions were about the Aussie soap opera Prisoner (Called Prisoner: Cell Block H elsewhere)

So what “TYPE” or “KIND” of Jeopardy could you go on and win

“Cooking Chicken” Jeopardy for instance, where all the questions would be about how to cook chickens and ways to cook it, and type of chicken dishes type questions

Or “How To Fix a Computer - Jeopardy,” Where all the questions would be on how to fix broken compuers questions.

Years ago, VH1 had Rock And Roll Jeopardy. I watched it for years and saw at least 100 episodes. In that time, I got three questions wrong.

Are we assuming it’s against the standard Jeopardy fare? Then math and science questions. I tend to find that when they have those categories, the people on the show are horrible.

A Jeopardy about the movie Grease would serve me well, I think.

I once did Mystery Jeopardy at a mystery readers/writers conference. I came in second.

The guy who won had actually won a bunch of money on the Jeopardy show.

The weird thing was that the answer that I missed, which if I’d gotten it right, I’d have won, was something I knew. It was Raymond Chandler (or “who is Raymond Chandler”). I have a small shrine to Raymond Chandler in my writing area and I knew the answer, but my mind went blank. Perfectly blank. Especially since, up to that point, I had been answering questions I was not entirely sure of and getting them right.

Beatles Jeopardy, I’d be very good at!

What is me as an adult playing against children in the kid’s tournament?

See I’d be afraid to do this, I mean it’s one thing to lose to Steven Hawkin it’s another to lose to a fifth grader :slight_smile:

yea, i forgot, kids play a lot of video games now, they must be good on the trigger than an older dude like me, lol.


Futurama or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I did three years on “Reach For the Top” (Canadian show comparable to College Bowl, but for high schoolers) and found that I was hopeless at doing math under the gun; my best subjects were history, current affairs, music history and literature.

Incidentally, Alex Trebek also started his career doing RFTT for the CBC in London, Ontario.

Futurama, Seinfeld, or country music.

Anything where I have to go up against Sean Connery.

Mystery books and writers, Old time Radio shows, Original Dark Shadows. As you can see all totally useless in real life.

Jeopardy for guys who aren’t particularly in tune with modern culture.

Star Wars movie Jeopardy. I’m pretty sure I would smoke even the nerdy Dopers in that situation.

Now that would be tough. There are probably Star Wars fans that can recite all the movies by heart :slight_smile:

As long as they don’t have any sports or popular music questions, I’ll be golden.

I’ll take The History of Passwords for $2000…