What kind of job would let me work one day a week?

I’m going to school and working right now and looking to make a few extra bucks. I asked my boss for more hours last week and after taking a week to think about it he reluctantly agreed to an extra half hour per day :rolleyes:. So I’m thinking about taking a second job if I can find one that’s only about one day per week. I’m free friday nights and all weekend.

I’m willing to do just about anything except restaurant work. I did that from age 13 to 21 and tried again very briefly in my mid-20s which just confirmed that I’m completely burnt out for life on it.

Maybe a movie theater? If you could work one weekend shift on a regular basis, I’m sure they’d love to have you. It’s not glamorous and won’t pay too well, but you do get free movies and popcorn (which can be a filling meal in dire circumstances).

I bet pretty much any kind of box office would welcome a steady weekend shift.


Winner. :slight_smile:

Right now my part time job is Starbucks. They might be willing to hire just for weekends, but it’s encroaching dangerously close on “restaurant work” territory.

Weekend relief in a convenience store, graveyard shift. The regular guy will love you for letting him have weekends off. Of course, there’s the stick-up factor.

Landscaping? You could mow lawns all weekend.

Er…you’re in Phoenix. Do they have many lawns? You could move rocks all weekend.

Although - and I’m not trying to be snide - is there much call for one-off workers of the tax-paying sort in Phoenix, or is AZ one of the states that really cracked down on illegals?

Tutoring? Some schools provide a tutoring room and hire students to help other students. Those gigs are usually pretty flexible.

I work for The Arc and we hire substitutes - people that only work the hours they want, when they want - you can work 1 shift a month, 1 shift a week, up to full time if you really wanted. But you have to be able to lift people out of wheelchairs, help them shower and get dressed, help them eat, take them to parks, make dinner, etc. If you think you can handle it, it’s a great way to make money when YOU need it and not when your employer wants you to.

Pimping ain’t easy.

But if you can get one of those girls that the Senator’s apparently go for…

Especially for students with disabilities. As an undergrad, I worked reading texts and proctoring tests in the campus office of the Texas Commission for the Blind. Very flexible.

You might try retail, like the large chain bookstores. Their traffic seems to be much busier on the weekend, so they might hire just for those shifts.

Good one! I’m actually ordained with the Universal Life Church. I’ve done 3 weddings and I’ve got another scheduled in the spring. They’ve all been for friends for free, though. I’ve occasionally thought about trying to do it as a part time business but I suspect most people who were cool with an atheist preacher that got ordained online would just have one of their friends do it :).

How do you like it? I have a friend who is incredibly hard-working, super easy to get along with, and just and all-around awesome, high-energy, likeable guy, and he quit Starbucks after a couple shifts because they treated him like shit.

When I moved to “the big city” I promised my mom I would never deliver pizza again and I would never work in a convenience store, so this one is off the table. I actually admire convenience store workers . . . all the danger of a policeman’s job with none of the prestige and a fraction of the pay.

Probably about 1 in 10 houses have lawns valleywide; maybe 1 in 3 in the older parts of town. My neighbor does landscaping, though, and he must do pretty well for himself because he has lots of toys of the atv, rv, dirt bike, and customized truck kind. My wife suggested that I ask him if I can do some work with him so I’ll look into it. I don’t know if he works weekends, though. Re: immigrant workers: I don’t really know what the situation is. Seems to change depending on who you ask and which direction the wind is blowing.

That’s a good idea but I’m not sure how useful I’d be? Most tutoring seems to be in math and science; I haven’t had a lot of science classes and I struggle myself in math. I will look into this, though.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I’m getting some good ideas. Keep them coming.

If you’re good at cleaning thoroughly but quickly, find a few people that trust you to clean their house once a week for a reasonable price. I have a friend who makes out pretty decently this way, but she never accepts an hourly wage and is very good at getting things very clean very quickly.

That same friend also works part-time at a vet’s office. The regular staff doesn’t want to come in on weekends, but the animals still need feeding, medicating, socializing, and freshly cleaned cages. She typically works 4-6 hours on Saturdays, with a shorter 1-2 hour visit on Sundays. She has no veterinary training - just a willingness to scoop poop and give animals a little TLC.

bartending, some places just need a little extra help on weekends, or bar-back, or doorman/bouncer

Churches do hire other people besides preachers on Sundays, especially for musicians and childcare. As an atheist it might not be the best fit for you, but maybe the Unitarians? Or in case anyone else is reading the thread looking for leads.

I don’t know if you have Costco or Sam’s Club or something similar where you are, but how about trying to be one of those free sample/product demonstrator people that are there on weekends surrounded by shoppers looking for snackies? I believe they work for an agency.

Gravedigger? Gravedigger’s assistant?

Does anybody know what a gig like this pays? I did a little research and found out that my school is hiring tutors and I’m qualified. And since I eventually want to be a teacher it couldn’t hurt for experience.

When I was a tutor at the University, it paid about minimum wage. Actually, it was minimum. 6.85/hour at the time. They allowed me 20 hours a week to schedule, 2 hours per student, and let me do it for a year or so. I liked it, but a lot of people came expecting me to just do their work, which I guess had more to do with the student than the job. I have never tutored privately, but I hear it pays much more. Good luck!

Brendon Small

You might want to look into private tutoring. I worked for an SAT tutoring company that allowed you to keep a minimum of 2 students, and paid $20/hr. Once you have some exp under your belt, you can advertise on craigslist or something for a little more, and under the table.