What kind of letters do you like to get?

Lately, I’ve been abandoning e-mail for more traditional forms of contact, and have found that different people seem to be fairly tilted in what sort of letters they prefer to get. I myself write longer letters, usually about what’s been going on and my feelings at the moment (no, I have no SO, this is just friends), almost like a journal, and I wondered what sorts of personal letters other people enjoy recieving and sending…

I hope that all that stationairy I bought never goes to waste. =p

I like getting letters from Gunslinger, even though there’s never really anything of great importance in my letters either to or from him. I just like knowing he spent the time to sit and write.

He’s really the only person I ever get letters from.

I write letters in kind of a journalistic style, the happenings of the [time since I last wrote] and whatever else pops into my head. I don’t write epistles. :slight_smile: Although they do get kinda long. That’s the kind I like getting, too.


Eh, it depends.When I’m sending 'em, it kind of depends on my mood when I start writing. Sometimes I go with the journal style (this is what’s up, this is how I feel about it, etc etc etc), and sometimes I go more for story telling or something like that (the last letter I wrote was a 6 page diatribe about why I think airports are the work of the devil). I have this vague suspicion that most of my letters make very little sense.

Getting a letter is always nice, no matter how inane it is. Oh, except if it’s from my mom, because I can never read those. It’s nice to know she took the time to sit and write, but I always have to have someone else interpret them for me, and that’s really quite embarassing. sigh

I LOVE sending and receiving letters, either written and sent snail mail, or via email. It takes me no time at all to dash off a letter. I like receiving and sending substantive letters that recount the things that have happened to my friends and me or just interesting people, places, or things we’ve seen. I just get a big ol’ GRIN on my face when I hear from my friends. :slight_smile:

Oh, and g8rguy, I think my letters may be a little stream-of-consciousness-y too.

If certain people who promised to write me letters WOULD write me letters, then they would get replies composed in my usual stream-of-consciousness style.

I like letters of all kinds. Love letters and funny letters are the best.

If you’re from a government agency or a credit card company, I don’t have a mailbox. :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm. The only letters I get say:

Or Current resident

Or those which come in window envelopes.

Is there any other kind?

I like letter that are accompanied by a check.

My aunt sends me letters with stickers and bookmarks. I agree though that checks are good too.

My boyfriend’s parents send him a package every few weeks witha letter from them, all the letters he’s received at their address, articles his dad thinks he’d be interested in, and small toys and candy. They also mail him a Cheesecake Factory cake on his birthday. I suggested to my mom that she mail me a cake or some cookies and she laughed. Oh well.

Any letter that is not a bill is a good letter.