Letter Writing and Your Style

Hi, I am fairly new here … so please forgive me if this has been addressed before (or at least in the very recent past… that seems worse!)

I was curious about people’s writing style, mainly in emails.

I am 36 and honestly I have not written many “handwritten” letters since high school.

But being online (a lot) I use emails to correspond even with friends I talk to on the phone on a regular basis.

I have many friends I have met on another message board and we correspond either via email or by using the boards Private Messaging system.

I am certainly not a stickler for rules, or am looking for" What Would Miss Manners Say",bBut I do find that some of the people I correspond with give several paragraphs (starting off with Hey,) and then go on (and on and on) about their life and make it one sided.

Now don’t get me wrong. That is one of the “cool” things to me that you can update people of what is going on in your life (or they in theirs) but I try to ask certain questions about what is going on with their life so they can answer back.

Is it more common to write only about yourself?

I am not trying to sound whiney… but sometimes it seems like a rant or vent (which I get via phone call or in person from a few) and there is really no response to that , either.

Do you enjoy writing to others and hearing from them as well? Do you try and make it like a conversation or ask a lot of questions only?

Just curious. I think it is a wonderful tool… I just feel it is difficult to reply to a person who is basically emailing would could be a journal entry.

Maybe I am being weird.

Thanks for reading

My letters are generally sent to keep people updated on my life, so I’ll include a couple of short vignettes to illustrate how things are going and what is happening. I’ll try to make a joke or tell a funny story to entertain the reader. I’ll ask questions of the reader - about something specific that is happening in his or her life, if I’m aware of anything, or about a shared interest we have, or, if I’m at a complete loss for possible reply topics, I’ll ask if the reader has ever experienced something similar to something I’ve described. I try to make my letters entertaining and worthwhile both as standalone pieces and as part of a continuing correspondence. I put a lot of thought into them, because they are rare and therefore special.

Emails, on the other hand, I dash off quickly and use for everyday, specific communications, so I don’t go all special and question-asky in them.

E-mail what could be a journal entry.
If it amuses me, I’ll read it.
Standards for handwritten letters do not apply. See “phone call, etiquette for, different from handwritten note”.

If they have interesting lives, perhaps your can be expected to read through several full paragraphs…

When I do occasional mega-mailings to get everyone caught up, my writing is definitely in a monologue style. However, in one-on-one correspondence, I tend to reply to specific comments and questions, and pose some of my own - more a conversational style.

I can’t remember the last time I took pen to paper for more than a quick note on a greeting card!

Thanks for the replies.

I think emailing and handwritten letters are different. But I do email so much more! And I have made several friends from all over so email is cheaper than a phone call.

I really wish some of my friends would be able to write an email like a journal entry and keep us updated. I have one friend from 20 years ago that moved about 200 miles away and she is always busy and has to update several of the “old gang” by phone calls when she gets the chance.

There are just two specific people that may add the line- Hey how are you… but then vent, rant and complain. One does this every time I talk to her as well. The other person just writes a few things…but on a depressing note.

Letter writing (even in emails) can be hard…it is not like a message board or an instant message.

I just try to write about myself, yes. But I ask questions so they can reply to as well… and give interesting stories or funny comments on something we have in common.

I was just curious how others styles are.

Depends on who I am writing to.

When I write to my relatives I generally am writing to update them on my life…kids…job…etc.
So I write a little story about our lives…Ask questions…talk about shared experiences and how they still stay with me…I answer specific questions that they have asked in previous letters.