What kind of name is ''Korpita?''

I met someone recently with this name. I’m going to guess something Slavic.

I’ve just met someone named Korpita…
And suddenly that name
Will never be the same
To me…
I’ve just met someone named Korpita…
And suddenly I’ve found
How wonderful a sound
Can be…


Say it loud and Cacophony’s blaring
Say it soft and it’s almost like swearing

I’ll never stop saying



Now that song’s stuck in my head . . .

*The most horrible sound I ever heard
Korpita, Korpita, Korpita

All the horrible sounds in the world in a single word
Korpita, Korpita, Korpita
Korpita, Korpita, Korpita


She took my money and ran Transylvania.*

(To address the OP, it sounds Hungarian-Roumanian to me, but I’m not an expert)

You need to get together with Argent Towers :wink:

IMHO it seems a bit short and short of a ‘ski/a’ sound at the end to be Polish, Russian, Ukranian etc, it would need an ‘ic’ to be Serb or Croatian so I’m not sure ‘Slavic’ fits the bill.

I wondered who might be called “Page Setup” till I realised the address on the package was actually just a note for the recipient so they knew what to do with the contents :smack:

Sounds like it could also be Greek.

I don’t think it’s Greek. I’ve never heared that name and usually Greek last names (when transliterated to English) end with the letter ‘s’.

Korpita is a Finnish name. Click the link, and do a Find on “Korpita”.

I only find one Korpita. Checkin ellisiland.org, there are 9 Korpitas on file, the majority of them from Hungary, one from Poland, one from then-Austria now-Poland, and one from Germany. However, I am not familiar with Korpita being either a Hungarian or a Polish name. Checking the German white pages reveals 0 Korpitas. I can’t find any Finnish white pages online, however I checked the Swedish and Norweigian neighbors, and no Korpitas there, either.

It seems to be a pretty rare name–perhaps it’s been corrupted along the way? Or do we know for sure that it’s Finnish?

Admittedly, I don’t. That was the first non-American Korpita" I could find.

Phonetically, that surname fits fine within any of the Finnish, Polish, or Hungarian phonetic inventories. Not a lot to go on.

There are a few Finnish dopers here … maybe one of them will chime in.

Name service

I didn’t find any “Korpita” from there. For me “Korpita” from list of http://www.immigrantships.net is just miss spelled from “Korpela” or similiar finnish surname.

I’ve found certain variants: Korpyta, for example, that seem to be exclusively Polish. Carpita, which is close, is Italian. I suspect the name might be related to the word “Carpathian,” but that’s just a WAG and making the assumption the name is, in fact, European.