What kind of Rack am I looking for

I am looking for a rack, preferably modular to some degree, for storing long thin objects. In this particular situation glass rods about a foot long. something with say 2"-3" square pockets at least 8-9" deep and I will end up needing probably at least 30-40 pockets so I can sort out different colors of materials. I see this kind of rack all the times in stores full of things like pencils or punch type tools.

If I could find a “toolbox” type case for this it would be ideal and I would happily sacrifice some of the size of the pockets for a toolbox that I could store them vertically in.
picture of what I am trying to sort and or store.

I Googled ‘nice rack’, but I’m not sure the results I found answer your question.

Badum-tish (sorry).

I use something similar to what you’re looking for. I need to keep many sizes of basswood sticks, about 2-3 feet long. What I wound up doing was stacking mailing tubes. You can buy them in quantities online.

I know the kind of rack you’re talking about, but I haven’t hit the right search terms yet.

I got distracted by this little piece of awesomeness. The text says it’s a wine rack. More of them can be found with the search term honeycomb wine rack.

chinese restaurant chop stick rack.

mail sorting rack or office mail rack.

Not the thread I thought it was going to be from the title but since I’m here…

How about a couple of those hanging shoe organizers? Or, if it needs to be rigid, an array of pvc tubing the appropriate length and mounted to some sort of backboard.

Something like these?

ETA: In particular this one is 4" W x4" H x12" L

Maybe you could make one out of pieces of PVC tubing?

Google lampwork storage and you’ll see lots of ideas (pinterest in particular has a lot). Wine racks and stacked pvc piping seem to be the most common.

You might check with an art supply store and see if they have an old colored pencil display, or something that was used to hold wooden dowels, that you could take off their hands.

Would this work?

If this is for lampwork glass canes, I know one guy who uses a test-tube rack (the sheet-metal kind with the round puched-out holes)

probably going this route as I can also easily build portable versions.