What kind of vehicle was this?

As I was driving home this evening, going at a crawl toward the bridge (on a state highway. 520 for those people who live in the area), I noticed the thing behind me in the rear view mirror.

It was yellow, really, really yellow. But more interestingly, it was narrow. There was no passenger seat; instead there was just enough room for the driver. It had a single front headlight in the center of the hood of whatever it was, it had two front wheels, one back wheel (or so it seemed) and seemed to be doing fine in the bumper to bumper traffic - but didn’t seem to keep up for the few instants that the traffic sped up.

Any idea what this guy was driving?

Could be any of a number of commuter vehicles. A Corbin Sparrow is one possibility:


I’ve seen a few of these around. Electric commuter car. Actually classed as a motorcycle, which makes it legal for the carpool lane.

Probably a Corbin Sparrow. Looks like their site is down at the moment.

Heres a good link.

Here is yet another link. http://www.ccpc.net/~jaho/on3wheel.html


Where can I get one of these!?!?!?

I seriously love three-wheeled cars, they just look so weird and cool.

Here’s the vehicle you really want: the Ecomobile.

It’s a 2-wheel vehicle with an enclosed cockpit kind of like a fighter jet. Since you can’t put your legs out to balance you when you stop, it has outrigger wheels that pop out when the vehicle slows to a certain speed.

It’s got air conditioning, stereo, room for 2, etc. Gets 54 miles per gallon. And the fastest one has an intercooled, turbocharged engine. Goes 0-60 in under 5 seconds, and has a top speed of 195 MPH.

I want one.