What lesser know Simpsons character are you?

From here.

Dr Nick Rivera checking in. Apparently I’m one cheap and greedy bastard.

Well, apparantly, I’m Disco Stu…

Hey! I’m bored! I’m supposed to be calibrating radio data from the VLA…




I am The Comic Book Guy.

I guess I DO need to get a…oh, what’s it called?..a life?

Hi everybody!

<Hi Doctor Nick!>

Yep. I’m Doctor Nick Riviera.

I’m Krusty the Clown
Wow, I didn’t even know I was Jewish.

I’ve done so many of these “Which x are you?” quizzes that I decided to google quiz and “are you?”. Holy results, Batman! Over 509,000!

Anyway, here’s the definitive one: Which online personality test are you?

Well I got Krusty the Clown though after I changed the one ambivalent answer I had I became Disco Stu

Hey Kids! I’m another Krusty!

I don’t care what the stupid test says, I’m Carl dammit!

Krusty here, too.

Comic book guy.

Worst. Quiz. Ever.

The Comic Book Guy

Total. Bull. Shit.

Another vote for CBG.

How could a Mary Worth comic be “rare”? Wasn’t it published in hundreds of newspapers and sold to millions of people?

Needless to say, I was on the internet within minutes to express my outrage.

Comic Book Guy.

Is there a word in Klingon for “No?” ::checks book:: Ah, yes: “ghobe’!”

Hi Everybody.

Dr. Nick as well.

Everyone else gets th’ cool ones, and I’m Ralph Wiggum???


Barney Gumble here…but I just had to share that my Halloween Costume this year was Dr Nick :slight_smile:

Comic guy here. Total sarcastic lard ass… minus the lard ass part. Hmm, or perhaps Agnes. She’s a… well… mean old lady! :smiley: Remember that episode when the comic guy and Agnes hooked up? So if I’m both of 'em, is that sort of like me masturbating?

Worst. Mental. Image. Ever.

Krusty the Clown. I was shooting for the CBG, so I guess I did OK ;).