What lesser know Simpsons character are you?

Comic Guy, here…well that’s a big fat bloody surprise.

Disco Stu.
I hate Disco, dadgummit!

Hey, I look hot when I masturbate! HAHAHA. BWAHAHAHA! :smiley: Ok, I’ll stop being a freak now. Tee hee…

Hmmm…I’m Waylon Smithers. Not sure how that worked out.

Comic book guy.

There is no emoticon to describe how I feel.

Krusty here. It was the percodan, if you ask me that stuff rots your brain.


The only Ralph Wiggum so far…


First the thread title. Second the color pruple. And thirdly my character.

Cledus the slack-jawed Yokel.

And lastly, he’s a hilbilly.

That website does NOT do much for people’s ability to spell.

Anybody want to buy some kids? I’ll offer a deal if you’ll take a baker’s dozen.

No one can mess with DISCO STU! No one.

Hey Hey! Another Krusty the Clown checking in. Must be because of all the glug glug and the ah-ooga

:eek: I guess I should have taken the quiz first. I said I was the comic book guy based on my personality. I’m such a sarcastic asshole. But the test says I’m Krusty b/c I’m always putting people down and I’m a cynical bastard! Wow, these people have got my number on this one. :smiley:

Hey hey! another Krusty! Don’t dream about me no more, kid.

yeah, another Krusty.

I though it might be Smithers, but my thoughts about my boss are strictly professional. :wink:

Dr Nick! Hmm…maybe I am kind of like him…

My new favourite colour is ‘Pruple’.

And I am the comic book guy.
I was hoping I’d be frink.

“Oh, I seem to have brought the Frog-Exaggerator by mistake, m’hey m’hey”

I don’t have to take this quiz. The secretary at work routinely calls me “Smithers”.

This is because I’m known as being molded in my boss’ image, and, well, he kind of looks like Mr. Burns.

I never said this, and if he ever asks, I’ll deny everything.

I’m Barney Gumble. Yeesh. I’m going back to bed.

What a load! I know for a fact I’m really Marge’s sister, Patty. (sigh) Another comic book guy.

Hey Hey Hey! I’m Krusty the Clown!

Another Disco Stu checking in, cheering for my favorite color: pruple!