What loose end do you hope is tied up before AD goes off the air?

Of course, I loved this show. 2 running stories I really want to have some conclusion before the show leaves us are:

Maybee and George Michael – Will they ever hook up? Is her Mom REALLY her Mom (some dialog says no)

Did her parents ever suceed at opening up the marraige as they said they were going to?

I’m going to miss watching Maybee turn 18 because she’s gonna be hot!

Maebe and George Michael, of course. Also, what eventually happens with the court case.

I just want to know how Michael’s wife died.

Is there a British Syndicate? Did George Sr. know what he was doing in Iraq? It’s kind of hard to believe he didn’t, but we’ll see.

Will Oscar get out of jail?

What’s going on with Annyong?

How soon can they get rid of Rita?

How is Buster going to get out of going back to Army? Will Lucille have to “go downtown” again?