what major religion has the least extream extreamists?

which religion has extremists which are most mellow?

muslim extreamists blow up stuff like office buildings and cafes and themselfs and kill homosexuals.

christian extreamists blow up stuff like abortion clinics and condem things alot as wicked and kill homosexuals

hindu extreamists don’t blow up anything (that I know of) but do things like throwing women of the funeral fires of their husbands. and kill muslims.

buddist extreamists attack christians with swords and knock down churches and grumble at muslims. and use gas on subways.
not asking what religion is inheriently the most or least violent… that would be an ugly bad debate, asking what the biggest religion is that produces the most harmless mega extremeists? every religion has people useing it wrong, but it seems like there must be at least one religion lucky enough to avoid the messed up mega semi-mainstream semi or fully government sanctioned wackyness (taliban/spanish inquisition) and quasimillitary religious fed milita(OBL’s terrorists). at some time or place.

or to phrase it diffrently: which major or semi-major religion has been least often/extreamly twisted in recent times?

Actually, they have and do.

“Harmless mega-extremist” is probably an oxymoron. They’re all pretty bad at the extreme fringe.

An entirely different question. Aum Shinrykyo aside, modern Buddhism probably has fewer violent extremists than the other major religions these days. However Japan in particular has an interesting past history with odd, militant iterations of Buddhism. Also Tibet in the past was at times a turbulent battleground between rival Red Hat, Yellow Hat, and Black Hat Buddhist sects.

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and the Amish.

I believe it’s a tie between them.

Wiccans, maybe?

But Quakers and Amish are demoninations of Christanity; they happen to be on the pacifistic extreme of Christanity.


China has been traditionally the bastion of religious tolerance. There have been no religious wars in China.

What about the Taiping Tianguo?

Beyond Christ

Quaker belief is one of the most rational on earth. More than a few of them have no faith in Christ whatsoever yet maintain greater piety than most Christians.

They follow the “light,” which sheds more wisdom, sagacity and acceptance than a baker’s dozen of most other faiths put together. Please remember that the Quakers were instrumental in the “Underground Railroad.”

Well, there was the 19th Century Taiping Rebellion, in which a religious fanatic who fancied himself to be the Messiah (and was admittedly heavily influenced by Christian ideas) led a revolutionary uprising which led to maybe 20,000,000 deaths. I believe there was also a period in Chinese history when Confucian scholars were buried alive by the state. To be sure, it’s not clear if such systems as Confucianism, Legalism (the ideology of the people responsible for the anti-Confucian persecutions), or for that matter Daoism can be properly termed religions or not.

The Taiping rebellion was started by a poor Christian farmer who thought he was sent by God to eradicate demons and demon worship. The was more the work of a cultist looney, not organized religion, nor is it the fault of Chinese religion.

Nonetheless, it was a religious war in China, and a very bloody one.

There is Daoist philosophy and Daoist religion.

The religion developed into worship of many idols, and practices of many superstitious traditions. People go to Daoist temples, etc…

Confucianism, on the other hand, is more a philosophy than a religion. People worship Confucius just as they worship their ancestors; they don’t treat him as a God.

I haven’t heard of too many Bahai, Jain or Parsee extremists. These are small religions but probably more distinct as compared to, say, the Quakers.

Among the major world religions I guess it would be Buddhism. Certainly its central teachings seem to stress non-violence more consistently than most other religions.

I do not know of any massacres perpretrated by unitarian universalists. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, however.

Can’t speak for the Jainists or Parsees, but we Baha’is are forbidden by the clearly-stated laws of our Holy Book to engage in extremism or fanatacism, as those things are not conducive to the unity of mankind, a cornerstone of our Faith.

I’d imagine the Jains would be pretty damn peaceful, given that their principles even forbid killing insects.

Well, I wouldn’t consider Zoroastrianism(150,000) to be a major religion. Jainism, although a separate religion, blend in pretty well in Indian society where the vast majority of Jains stay.

Do atheists count in this debate? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any “atheist fanatics” trying to kill religious people in order to advnace the goals if atheism.

Let’s not forget the Unitarians.

I seem to remember their being a spot of bother for some clerical types in 1789. Or 1917-1991. Or in the Mexican Revolution. Not so sure the clergy and religious fared that well in Vietnam. But other than that, no, you’re right.