What makes a curry/kebab compelling eating after a night out?

I can answer this for you , but before i do . After you have an evening meal , say about 6 pm . If you don’t have any alcohol that night you probably won’t eat anything else that evening , maybe a little snack before bed or something ,
If you have that same meal , at the same time … if you have a hood amount of alcohol after i can pretty much guarantee you will be reaching out for that takeaway menu in a few hours . Why ?? Well i have the answer .
You see alcohol has calories , 7 calories per gram to be exact . It’s surprisingly close to pure fat .
Anyway when we drink alcohol , our body sees it as a poison , in theory it is … so our body needs to get rid of it first , the only way to do this is to prioritise the calorie burning of the alcohol , so that big meal you just ate before you start drinking , not one calorie will be burnt , instead it’s sat there waiting , after about 30 mins after your meal , your body realises your meal is not getting processed so it converts it to fat , your body is alot faster converting food to fat then food to energy as with burning the food it depends on what your doing , if your sat on the couch , it will take hours to burn the food , but the body has already got an energy source … alcohol … so the body rapidly converts the food into fat . Once this is has happened , your body sends out a signal that it’s starving !!! And only wants high calorie foods , as the body has just rapidly converted your last meal to fat … so you eat again , and yes this meal will do the same . This is why we crave alot of food the next day too

Welcome to the SDMB, Azza86! In case you haven’t noticed, the thread is 14 years old.

I grew up in the US, and the idea of a curry after heavy drinking is completely foreign to me. I’ve heard of it, though, and I think I get it. I’ve actually never had curry, but if I did and liked it, it would probably appeal to me in that situation because of the strong flavors. Maybe the craving is akin to wanting a smoke when drinking. The state of disinhibition associated with drunkenness should be considered, too.

Eating curry while drunk just sounds like a tremendous bother to me. That’s what California burritos are for.

I think another factor is smell. Whether my late-night post-bar choice is a pizza topped with garlic powder and crushed red pepper, a Halal platter with hot and white sauce, a cheesesteak with peppers/onions, hot dogs with mustard and onion/ketchup sauce, or White Castle burgers with onion rings on the side, each of these will make your breath and clothes smell.

While there are times that I’m tempted to each some of these at lunch or early dinner, I will likely still have to meet and interact with people, both professionally and personally, and not want to be concerned about being smelly. When I eat these late at night, I’m probably not seeing anyone else the rest of the night, or if I do, it’s a person who will be in the same condition as me.

Let’s face it this is a UK question, but some in Europe might have similarities.

As mentioned elsewhere, Curry was due to licensing hours. Around my way, it is no longer true that people go for a curry after the pub. In the 80s and 90s, the pubs kicked out at 11 and either went to a club (could be grungy indy club) or have a curry (weirdly the town I lived didn’t have much kebab shops then). When the licensing laws changed in the 2000s there was no need for that. I’m not sure if there is a single curry house around where I live which is open past 10-11 nowadays. It might still be true of other parts of the country (London for instance has always been weird for closing pubs early, last trains and all that, so perhaps they still have a major market there for a few to be open).

As for Doner vs Donner, I doubt anyone in the UK would get the joke, I’m assuming it’s about a snowy pass near Truckee, California and a Tasty winter where they kept throwing rocks at the Indians trying to help them.

It’s a combination of things for kebab.

  1. A need for nutrition of certain kind: salt and fat to absorb the alcohol.
  2. A hunger which is generated by alcohol.
  3. A lack of judgement also caused by alcohol.
  4. The type of shops open (but they often sell fried chicken and pizza too), but the important things is that it can be eaten while walking home.

It isn’t just the UK. It holds true in Belgium, Germany (which has such good kebabs that there’s a “German Kebab” chain in the UK) and the likes of Budapest, where you can get a “Gyros” at 4am.

Personally I love Doner Kebabs. I eat them sober. However, I’m choosy as to which shops I eat them from. Location near the pubs isn’t one of the criteria, and the lack of judgement is probably why they suffer in the morning. As well as, well, the ten pints.

here in so cal, we have the infamous jack in the box taco…no one eats these things during the day because well if your sober you won’t be impressed by them in any way shape, or form …and the ingredients have been totally suspect for well decades but when they’re the only thing open at 2 or 3 am and 2 or 3 for a buck … it’s not unheard of to order 30 bucks or so worth and scarf them down …

I worked for Jack in the Box for 6 years, from entry level to store manager. I can tell you what’s in the tacos.

The filling, according to the ingredients list on the box, is seasoned beef with powdered refried beans and TVP. They come frozen, 300 to a case. They’re prepared by locking them into a U-shaped holder and deep-frying them for 50 seconds. After that, the rack is tilted to let the oil drain out, then they’re poured onto a prep rack where they’re garnished with half a slice of American cheese, about 1 ounce of shredded iceberg lettuce, and a line of hot sauce.

They’re among the oldest items on Jack’s menu, originating shortly after the chain was founded, and even predate the Jumbo Jack, and they’re pretty much the same now as they were 50 years ago. They were 2 for 99 cents for something like 25 years, but eventually they couldn’t fight inflation anymore and I think it’s 2 for $1.49 at the Jacks in my area now.

that’s what they want you to believe :rofl: (believe me the conspiracy theory you come up with as a drunk teenager …)

The reindeer with that name was the first thing that popped into my mind.