What makes a thread interesting?

Yesterday I posted a new thread asking about the relation of video card drivers and Direct3D to the new VMR9 renderer, specifically in relation to video artifacts I am experiencing. The title was simply “VMR9”, which I guess was not particularly interesting because only 8 people viewed it (including me). What I find odd is that a thread titled “I have a question about celery” has 30 times the number of views. Taking into account the assumption that any post in GQ is going to be a question, I can only assume that VMR9 is vastly less interesting than celery.

Would my title have been improved by making it “I have a question about VMR9”, or perhaps something cute like “Video Farts!”? What is it specifically that made my post so shunned?

I cannot say with any specificity why your thread was shunned, or that indeed it was shunned, per say. I can tell you that I personally did not read or post in your thread because I have no idea what a VMR9, or whatever it was, is…so I had nothing useful to contribute. Maybe the folks here had no clue either.

If it helps, I didn’t read the celery thread either…I know what that is, but I hate it so again, nothing useful to contribute. lol! Kinda like now…anyway…

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VMR9 Rendering question would’ve been a better title, as it might draw in people who know something about rendering, but have never heard of VMR9. I don’t like cryptic abbreviations in thread titles. I don’t think I’m alone in that.
Rendering Fart Gases With the VMR9 ? would have drawn a lot more views, but only at the risk of odious hijacks. (What is the refractive index of a fart? How does it change with temperature? Does bouyancy play a roll in dissipation of the lensing effect?..)

Then again, Celery is a much more interesting topic as everyone eats, but few people render.

Moved to IMHO.

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I have not read either thread, but the new board design might have some effect here. With the handy dandy thread preview feature, we can now see all or part of the OP without registering a ‘view’. Because of this, thread titles become less important in attracting views. Also, if the celery thread OP, say, was too long to just preview, people might be more likely to open that thread than a thread whose OP they can read completely.