What makes my feet cold and sweaty?

I always have cold and sweaty feet, no matter the tamperature outside or the humidity, my feet stay cold and wet…what’s up with that? Is there any remedy or am I doomed to suffer from it for the rest of my life?

IANAD, but I’ll give you my two cents’ worth… When my feet get like that, usually poor circulation is to blame. Most of the time, it’s because I’m sitting for extended periods. (at the computer, reading the SDMB, naturally) You might try flexing, then crunching your toes a few times, rotate your ankles to get the blood flowing to your extremities. That works for me most of the time. If you tend to sit with one leg crossed over the other, that can contribute to poor circulation, too.

Non-leather shoes (“Pleather”) can also make the feet clammy, as can shoes that are too snug, and nylon or polyester socks (they don’t breathe, so they don’t allow the feet to warm up.)

Cold feet… one of my least favorite feelings.
Hey… maybe you just need to move to a hot tropical climate.