What will cure sweaty feet?

My feet sweat like SOB’s!!! I mean…I can almost wring out my socks on some days. What can I do? This is getting old!!!

Any solutions, potions, diets, and monetary donations will be greatly appreciated!

First of all, sweating isn’t a disorder and therefore doesn’t need to be “cured”, but I know where you’re coming from because I also tend to get a little damp in my shoes for some reason. Luckily I sit at a desk most of the day and can loosen my shoes when I begin to get that “not so fresh” feeling down there. I also apply a generous layer of Goldbond’s medicated powder[sup]1[/sup] to my feet after showering in the morning & immediately before putting on my socks. That way if my feet do get a little damp & if I can’t kick off my shoes, at least I’m not harvesting a mushroom hatchery down there.

If you are not in a job where you can kick off your shoes whenever you want, can you wear looser fitting shoes or maybe find some that allow better ventilation. Sandals would be ideal if your dress code is so relaxed. How about taking an extra pair of socks to work with you so you can change half way through the day?

[sub]1. Warning: Do not apply this powder to more personal regions of you body that are also likely to get damp. That’s all I’m going to say on that subject. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.[/sub]

Actually, there’s a product on the market that will take care of this problem. It’s called Anti-Perspirant. No, seriously! I have the same problem, especially in the summer, because where I work women are required to wear nylons. And nylons make my feet sweat terribly! So after reading the tip in a women’s magazine, I started spraying my feet with spray deoderant before putting on my socks/nylons and shoes. It made a BIG difference! You can also use roll-on’s or stick anti-perspirant, just rub it on the bottom of your feet.

Also, for shoes, any sort of deoderizing powder can help – baby powder, or even baking soda. Put it in your shoes the night before so it has a chance to work. Rotating shoes also helps – don’t wear the same pair day in and day out.

Hope this answers your question. Let us know if this works!

Removal of the sweat glands in the area is the only way to cure sweaty feet.

Since that’s probably not possible, Attrayant’s advice is best. Another possibility might be to take a diuretic; if you’re losing a lot of water via urination, you might not have as much to sweat out. Wouldn’t recommend this, though.

Odor-Eaters (or some other charcoal-based shoe insert) might also help.