Feet sweat too much

this is disgusting…
but my feet sweat a lot.
Is there any way(other than Goldbond or Powders) to stop the sweating?
I don’t want to absorb the sweating… i want to lessen the sweating.

I heard dunking your feet in vingear nightly for months will make it go away…

Get your sweaty feet to a dermatologist. You can get a prescription for a topical lotion which will completely stop your feet/palms/underarms from sweating. A dermatologist can get you stuff which is much more effective than the anti-perspirants you find on the shelves.

Or you can get some Right Guard spray antiperspirant. Spray it on your socks lightly, just before you put your shoes on. This really minimizes the sweating and eliminates odor in your shoes. You can actually slide your shoes off at a party without worry.

I’ve had this problem all my life and this solution is easy and effective. Everybody I have passed this grooming tip on to was very pleased.

Before you shell out for a dermatologist and prescription lotion, give it a try.

Do your feet smell and your nose run?

You’re built upside-down!

What sort of shoes and socks do you normally wear? - polyester sports socks and synthetic leather trainers(sneakers) are a perfect recipe for sweaty feet; cotton socks and loose leather shoes might help.

just as i was reading your post…
i was blowing my nose…

your post made me laugh!:smiley: