What makes this October 12th Chrankshaft comic strip funny?

The main character in the strip Crankshaft is prone to bad puns, especially on the Sunday strips, but this one has me completely buffaloed. “Around the corner of the silo”? If he’s mixing two sayings, what is the other one I’m not getting here?

Like pi, silo are round.

And he brought up silos because…

Silos have no corners; ergo, to his country-style mind, winter is either just about to happen or it’s going to take forever to arrive.

Either way: Humor! Arh-arh!*

*To be read in the voice of Mork from Ork.


There used to be a religious building in the town where I grew up that was round - at least, the main part of the building was a huge round shape. My sister told me when I was little that it was that way so the devil couldn’t catch you in the corner. That clanky thought has stuck in, well, a corner of my mind for decades now… so the humor of the strip immediately struck me.

Wow, that’s terrible.

There is no force in heaven or on Earth that can make Crankshaft funny.

I read it when I was a lot younger. Even as a kid, I thought it was mildly amusing at best. And I found a bunch of crap funny back then.

We can rule out Tom Batiuk.

Not even torque?

“What makes this October 12th Chrankshaft comic strip funny?”

I’m pretty sure if such a thing exists, it’s a controlled substance.

“Head for the round-house, Nellie; they can’t corner you there.”