What metal is this necklace made out of ?

I picked this necklace and bracelet up in a thrift store this afternoon. Normally I don’t fiddle with jewelry as I know nothing about it, but this piece struck my eye as it looked kind of artisan crafty, and it felt heavy for it’s size, which given the thickness of the pieces is not that surprising.

The box it was in was a nothing special plain white jewelery display box with “SHORE 'N SHELLS Atlanta 491-0664” in an orange sticker on the front.
As neither the the name nor number meaningfully Google up, and it lacks an area code I’m assuming (if this is the box) this is from at least 20+ years ago and the store is probably long gone.
What is this metal? It looks artisan crafted but I can’t be sure.
I assume it’s not some kind of gold or it would have never gotten to the floor. I assume it’s not some kind of copper alloy or it be showing some tarnish after 20 + years the box. It shows no sign of rust or any kind of oxidation or tarnish at all.

Pics here

Pic 1 with penny for size reference

Pic 2 Close up of detail

Pic 3 Close up with (I assume) inscription by maker

Pic 4 Close up with side detail

Pic 5 with flash illumination

It looks like brass. There are some alloys of brass that are very corrosion resistant.


Re the link that’s interesting. I had no idea brass doorknobs were germidical.

I’m not much of a jewelry person, but that’s a very attractive set.

Brass was going to be my guess, too.

Now this is why this place is so awesome. I came in here looking to see what kind of jewelry astro would be in to, and by Og, I get a 101 course on metal alloys and the oligodynamic effect, which I previously had no earthly concept existed.
Damn neat, I tells ya.

Another closely-related possibility is NuGold aka Jeweler’s Bronze, which is something commonly available in jewelry supply places.

Very pretty, and I would have assumed brass. I love brass and copper jewelry. I’m wearing some now! :smiley:

I really like that bracelet. What a great find!

Nice looking set. If I had to guess, I’d say handmade, but probably not one-of-a-kind, that is, it’s from a jeweler’s “production line”.

Looks like each of the different kinds of pieces was cast, then joined together. The jeweler probably ordered hundreds(?) of those individual pieces from the caster, but the jeweler would have designed the molds herself.

The “jump rings” (connectors) might be part of the mold, or soldered on afterwards. If you can get them to be part of the mold, it saves a ton of time, but they need to be thick to do that. Those look like they’re probably thick enough.

I can’t tell what’s going on with the circular pieces that look like hanburgers. I’m guessing that the pieces were oxidized, then polished on the outside so the the interior stays dark. Either that, or time itself has oxidized the brass, and the previous owners have kept the exterior polished.

But, I can’t tell if the black is oxidized brass, or if they are hollow.