Really like this necklace design, but the necklace is a piece of junk

I impulse-bought a cheap-o necklace at Target, made from the finest “nickel-free metal.” I adore the look of it, and I don’t care if it’s real precious metal. However, it’s very poorly made, with the links simply consisting of bent metal - not even soldered shut, never mind filed and buffed smooth.

So on inspection it looks pretty crappy, plus it stabs me in the neck with all the pointy edges.

I’ve never seen another necklace like it, and nothing comes up on a Google image search. Would it be possible for me to get someone to make one? What does something like that cost? I’m willing to go quite a bit above the $14.99 I paid at Target, but hundreds of dollars would be pushing it.

I think looking for a jewelry maker on Etsy that has similar designs, or at least works in the medium of silver wire, would be a good bet to get going.

I sent you a PM with a friend’s info who does this.

I have the same problem, though the necklace isn’t from Target and is a different design (though still a statement piece). My skin hates whatever metal these cheap necklaces are made of. It has some kind of metal plating to make it look like silver. My skin says OM NOM NOM and literally destroys the plating where it has skin contact, revealing the brownish brassy copper base metal and even etching that, while also producing the gross green gunk. I have to regularly scrape the gunk off the necklaces with my fingernail fairly regularly (if the ugly corrosion stays just on the back; otherwise I have to toss it).

I should take a pic of mine and selfishly piggyback onto your thread. :smiley:

I’m not sure that the links look right with it anyway. Could you try replacing the chain pat with two pieces of black velvet ribbon or something? I have a necklace like that and love it.

Is it the main portion of the necklace that’s troublesome, or just the chain?

It is a very interesting piece. All I can say is, you could wear it with something underneath that doesn’t touch your skin, like a shirt or scarf.

Have the chain replaced. Not that expensive and you can choose the type of chain you like.

I’d go with ZipperJJ. You could even ask your friends if they know anyone who makes jewelry, either as a hobby or as a cottage industry, and they’ll surely be able to make you a nice necklace like the one in the picture for less than $40.

Is there a beading store near you? Bring the neckace there and ask them. It looks like something that you could make yourself with the right wire and chain.

If the links are that shoddy then surely you can just bend them open, take the chain off and replace it with a proper jewellery chain, not one that looks like it should have a bathplug hanging off it :wink:

Ooh, lots of good ideas. The large central rings are in considerably better shape than the chain, so I think I will hit up the beading store and see if I can simply pry the chain off (yes, it does look like a bath drain chain!) and replace it with something nicer. Failing that, or if I just want to eventually get something higher quality, I’ll get in touch with your friend, ZipperJJ. I’ve got her page marked for this and other jewelry needs - thanks!

Just an observation - for some people the act of prying off and replacing chain starts an addiction, its a gateway to worse things - before you know it you have craft cupboards of beads and six sets of pliers. If you have a tendency to craft addiction - contact Zippers friend before you need help.

I know of what I speak - I have to go to Craft Anon meetings for my mother in law…(really, a LOOM? Where the *&#! do you think you are going to set up a LOOM in your little tiny house!)