What movie describes you?

A late friend of mine claimed he had his secretaries watch The Maltese Falcon “To know how I operate.” :rolleyes:
What movie describes you? Me, I’ve going for The Cheap Detective.

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Having recently watched ‘Superbad’ I’m tempted to pick that one. But to be more realistic, I’d go with ‘Tenacious D: In the Pick of Destiny’. I just sort of fumble around looking for something I only vaguely know about, with really awesome music, and eventually it all ends up OK.

My mother once told me that the Hardy Kruger part (the aircraft engineer) in Flight of the Phoenix reminded her of me.
I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a compliment, or what.

Hands down it’s Andy Goldsworthy’s: Rivers and Tides People come up to me all the time after visiting my home and say that I remind them of Andy Goldworthy - with all the nature art all over the place and with his calm demeanor. :slight_smile:

Great movie BTW.

That would be a compliment in my book Cal.

Empire of the Sun, My Life as a Dog and Cinema Paradiso.

I Heart Huckabees rather perfectly describes my whole existential quest for personal truth, and what I ultimately concluded. It’s also hilarious, which means I pretty much faint every time I watch it, because I can’t believe someone actually made this movie about the things I care most about in the world.

Empire and Cinema are two of my absolute favorite movies. Which charactor’s do you identify with the most? Can I guess?

Jaime for Empire and Salvatore from Cinema?

Or do you Identify with their elder counterparts? Basie from Empire and Enzo from Cinema?

Jamie, and both Enzo and Salvatore.

Have you seen My Life as a Dog? Great movie.

Anybody remember the movie Teachers?

With your other two being favorites of mine I think I may have to stop by the movie store at some point when I get home.

I just saw this again on HBO the other night. Love the outfits - Who do you identify with?

The Lindsay Lohan version of Freaky Friday.
And it’s not a movie, but people have compared me to Lo from The Hills, also Whitney.
And probably Grace the secretary in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Probably Being There. I often feel like Chance the Gardener.

Depends on the day of the week and the month of the year! :smiley:

I’ve had at least half a dozen boyfriends tell me that I am Rose from Titanic. Vivacious, feisty, intelligent and adventurous, a teensy bit spoiled and demanding, infuriating as all get out, but irresistible and a hopeless romantic underneath my heartless cynical exterior.

To myself, though, I’m most like Mira Sorvino’s character Amy in one of those movies no one else has ever heard of: At First Sight. I just want to help, dammit, even if the person I’m helping doesn’t think they want or need it. Like her, I can sometimes bulldoze right over other people’s feelings with my bluntness, but it’s all done out of a genuine desire to be useful and the real love I feel for just about everybody.

Garden State. I’m a little withdrawn and emotionally absent. :frowning: :slight_smile:

I’m a dead-on cross between De Niro in New York New York and Buscemi in Ghost World.

I am defined by Aunt Josephine in A Series of Unfortunate Events. This part, in particular:

Aunt Josephine: I hate it here.
Violet Baudelaire: Well, maybe, Aunt Josephine, you should think about moving.
Aunt Josephine: Oh, I could never, ever sell this house.
Aunt Josephine: I’m terrified of realtors.
Realtor: Is this a bad time?
Aunt Josephine: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!