What movie is this from?

The scene is a high school pep rally. The cheerleaders are trying their hardest, but darn it, no one seems to care. One of them gets up and gives a heartfelt speech about how hard it is to get up here and pour out your heart bla bla bla. The response is some snarky comment, or maybe even throwing something at the overly enthusiastic cheerleader.

It’s not Election, and it’s not Fast Times at Ridgemont High (thought that was close). Does this ring a bell for anyone?

It’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I used to own that movie, and saw it a thousand times, so I’m sure. Two cheerleaders are performing a skit. The audience response when they ask if the school “has spirit” is lethargic, to say the least. One cheerleader goes on a rant about how hard it is to stand there and do that stuff. Somebody throws a paper airplane.

That’s what I thought too – I don’t see it here, and I can’t find a vid of it.

No wait, it is over here.

Has the internet failed me?

Fired Up?

Off topic question–in those online scripts, how come the character names for who is saying what is never given? Drives me BONKERS.

Okay, the first link has it but not the second…and I’ve seen a lot of them in the second format.

I don’t know what that second format is, but it’s not a normal format for a movie script. My WAG is that it’s just on the Internet a lot because it can be created easily by some kind of machine transcription program.

I believe that some of these online scripts are generated from the closed captioning of the DVDs, and the characters are not identified on those.

Thanks, guys. I figured as much that it wasn’t official but it does bug me how almost every online script I find is like that.

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It’s not that they are unofficial, it’s that the people who make them are either so lazy or so impatient that they can’t take the time to edit them to say who says what.

Dio is right.

Often, “official” movie scripts do not represent exactly the contents of the movie. At least that’s what I’ve noticed from the movie scripts that I’ve read online, from sites such as imsdb.com.

The complaining cheerleader was played by Elizabeth Daily, IIRC.

The singer Elizabeth (E.G.) Daily from Better Off Dead and Streets of Fire?

And let’s not forget, Tommy on Rugrats.

Huh. I didn’t RC; it wasn’t her. :smack: