What movie is this? (Occult/Horror)

I saw a movie on television in the mid-80s. I’m curious what movie it is. Here’s what I remember:

  1. The movie takes place in a desert/western small town.
  2. The people in the town have been taken over by the bad guy. They have no eyes (only sockets) and dress in all black.
  3. A guy comes back to the town and finds his family is taken over.
  4. The main guy’s wife is driving somewhere, and an elderly woman who’s been taken over pops up in her back seat.
  5. At the end, one of the taken-over people smashes a big urn which contains everyone’s souls (not sure about this).
  6. Then all the taken-over people run out and get melted by the rain.
  7. At the very end, the main guy gets away with his wife, but it turns out his wife has actually been taken over by the bad guy, and his wife’s soul is trapped somewhere.

Here’s stuff that I think was in the movie, but I’m not sure:

  1. The main guy’s name was Preston.
  2. There was a church which had been converted into a devil-worshipping church.

Any ideas? Thanks.

This one really rings a bell, but I don’t remember the title either. Was the church burned at the end? With a guy inside it, tied up and hanging upside down?

No, it couldn’t have been the movie I was thinking of. I got intrigued and went to IMDB, and found the film I was remembering was titled Black Noon. Totally different plot, the one thing that it has in common with yours is a church turned to bad purposes.

The Devil’s Rain


Was this the film where viewers at the theater were given some type of seed?

Sounds like The Devil’s Rain but the OP forgot to mention the most important part. William Shatner!!!

And John Revolta!

And Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerrit, Ida Lupino and Anton LeVay! I HAVE to see this film!

My ex-wife swears Ernest Borgnine is actually a Satanist. Of course, she’s the Antichrist, so I guess she’d know.

Yay! Devil’s Rain it is. Thanks for the responses.

And Anton LaVey is in it? Weird.